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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Capt Cheeky, Jun 6, 2005.

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  1. Whilst driving "Oop North" I decided to have a wee gander at the collossal amounts of HERAS fencing (arranged in the braced format and visible from the dual carriageway) surrounding Gleneagles.

    This combined with rumours of Bush parking one of his Imperial Battlecruisers loaded with gung-ho hill billies off the West Coast and his gargantuan flock of hurculean transport aircraft swarming at Prestwick... methinks something is going to go royally wrong especially now Bob Geldof's involved....

    STAND BY....

    (I'll post updates as I'll be in the area for a few weeks yet!)
  2. And apparently 3,000 police officers to surround Prestwick Airport. Is that cheaper than HERAS fencing?
  3. ...I have heard bad things from the boys in blue...

    ...Politicians and senior cops putting their heads in the sand and pretending it will be all right.

    ...Inter-force p1ssing contests and an unwillingness to co-operate.

    ...An unbearable level of overstretch with the prospect of resignations and stress and injuries causing significant post-G8 personnel shortages.

    ...Inadequate riot training.

    You can walk all over Gleneagles and those fences wouldn't stop a determined granny - the railings surrounding Buck House didn't! It is possible that things might kick off in Edinburgh and elsewhere, with the usual suspects attacking the usual sort of targets - McDonalds, the Scottish Parliament etc. None of these buildings is worth getting coppers injured over.
  4. Not the 2000 US Marines we were promised by the "SCUM/DAILY LIAR" last week then?
  5. Riot training itself was reportedly very good indeed, for Jockplod anyway.

    Only complaint was the new flame-retardent underwear they were issued on day 1 of the course. Apparently these were only a course issue and were taken back in at the end for laundering and re-issue to the next course and the one after that.

    By course three I bet it wasn't only flames it had been tested with!!!!!!!!

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. There won't be enough septics to go around for all the hopeful "Ershur wummin" in pursuit of some "foreign" - Sights not seen at Prestwick since Elvis landed (He was in uniform then as well). Glad I'm on duty elsewhere. :lol:
  7. I heard that the riot training received - whilst good in terms of quality - was no more than the mandatory annual requirement, which most officers don't have the time or resources to undertake in non-G8 years.
  8. Bit like just about any pre-Op Tour-deployment training then?
  9. Absolutely - the Armed Forces aren't the only ones in uniform that get fcuked about and left to pick up the pieces! :evil:
  10. The HERAS fencing might not stop them but it may slow them down as it seems to be arranged in two rows with further units diagonally bracing the two continuously in between... a HERAS corrugated cardboard type arrangement. Plus there's roll out roadway supposedly for some sort of patrol vehicle / golf cart arrangment.

    My oh my the people in Auchterarder and surrounding areas aren't happy! I spoke to one hotellier yesterday and he said he's been supplying the police / council with names and addresses of any lefty type that has tried to make an accomodation booking.

    On the subject of the lefties I love the way that they're marketing the event not only as a weekend but a whole week of subversion. They think that people should spend an entire week protesting both at the G8 but also Dungavel, Coulport, Faslane et al.

    Shell have recieved direct threats for during the same time so that's the Chaos stretching from Prestwick (due to Bush's cavalcade) to Aberdeen (Shell UK Headquarters amongst other multinational petroleum companies).

    Tony what the hell were you thinking inviting a multinational threat magnet to a relatively sleepy hollow?
  11. Shall I phone the papers about whether ELVIS is chairing the G8 summit or taking the star turn at the LIVE 8 concert.It's about as good as the quality of news gets regarding this event
  12. Of course the sensible thing would be to stick it on some island of the coast and suround the whole event with the Royal Navy...

    Ah. Bugger.

    Here's hopping the US Secret Service will have their mini-gun wagon along with them...
  13. I find it all very amusing.

    Lets protest about the G8 and their money-grabbing ways.

    We'll do it by assembling the biggest crowd we possibly can from all over the world, we'll fly, sail and bus them in....

    And of course we'll have a big party while we're there....

    And "they" will have to mount a MASSIVE security operation to stop us. With Lorries, tanks, helicopters and fighter jets!

    Who, do you reckon is laughing?

    People with a vested interest in the POL inductry perhaps, with all those "travellers", or maybe those who own large alcohol and tobacco concerns... Need 'em both for a good knees up.

    I reckon they'll be toasting the protesters insside Gleneagles.
  14. A girlfriend of mine is a GIS specialist working in Aberdeen for a large petrochemical concern . They have received briefings to expect drama. :(
  15. To the south, the Forth estuary is lined with petrochemical works on both north and south banks. What fun the anarchists could have! 8O

    And there's a nuclear power plant some 40 minutes drive from Edinburgh!