G6 ARRC (The Lord help us)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by digimon, Nov 13, 2005.

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  1. Is it only me, or is the SO1\2\SME's G6 the most pathetic ,know nothing bunch of imbeciles U have ever met?

    These Idiots are going to lead us into Afghan????????

    The SO1 has problems understanding his own EGO, let alone IT.

    The SO2, has the technical ability of a "Postman" (thats what he will be as a civvy)

    The SME's have the forward looking abilities of a suicide bombers

    I am sat in the middle of this incompetent bunch of zero's, doing my best to make work, a plan from the planet "Penis Size"

    If the IS plan for Afghan is as bad, it will cost us lives, watch OUT.


    Oh Lord We call Upon you in our hour of need.
  2. So............I take it that you're not happy then?............Come on then, don't sit on the fence and let it all out!
  3. Hey great outburst, Im sure you were just as effective when you banged your fists on the table spilling the SO2`s coffee while pointing out the errors of his plan. Or maybe your [insert trade here] thats full of sh1t and whinging becuase it meant carrying some PC`s around blah blah blah....

    Oh well one day we will both look back at this and laugh...well maybe I will.
  4. I left HQ 1Sigbde last Aug and was seriously worried by certain members of "Gaysex" A couple of decent fellas in there but it was 1 SiGBDE Ops team that ran the show
  5. I cannot help agree with Digimon. G6 in HQ ARRC are not all there at all. Indeed, the pathetic idiots that dare to call themselves a Brigade HQ (1 Sig Bde) are a sham.

    Rumour has it (almost 100% true) that a member of the ARRC Ops team (SO2 level) fronted up to the 1 Sig Bde COS and told him that he couldn’t and wouldn’t deal with his Ops Team (a couple of dangerous clowns) as they were at best incompetent!!!

    It’s such a shame that UK PLC feel that they have had to ‘create’ a Bde HQ with which to manage a couple of Sigs Regts and a random Bn. I’m sure that it was much better when COS ARRC ran ARRC Sp Bn (from my experience a few years ago) and the R SIGS bit were left to their own devices.

    That said the 1 Sig Bde Comd, & DCOS are pretty good blokes (as I have worked with both before). I’m not sure where ‘the_guru’ gets his G2 from but the word on the street in JHQ is that the 1 Sig Bde Ops Team all a bunch of strokers!
  6. How things change ! I left there in Aug 04 and the BDE was going through a major turnover of staff. The SO2 Eng had gone, the Fos had just changed and so had the YoS, the COS was in the process of changing (no great loss though) and the Bde IS Sup was off to Australia (although he didn't actually go) So things have changed - or was it just me being the important cog ?? I was in a sub group of the Bde (Third line support) and we were brilliant at what we did ;-)
  7. cmon lads strong hints to names, previous units , so we in the region can snigger at them ! please pm me !!!
  8. One of the officers concerned is not very 'tall' in the metaphorical sense......

    He also happens to be the biggest stroker of all……….
  9. Was he on Telic 1 with div?
  10. I take it that GP3 will not be used then :roll: for Situational awarness then
  11. Clearly the issue of G6 desperately empire building in a pathetic attempt to justify having so many staff with so little to do continues apace. Perhaps one day G6 will realise that just because they maintain a vice like grip over IS it doesn't make them the most important people in the HQ.
  12. Guys, we know the truth, but no need to wash in public. Actions and results speak louder than words.
  13. Or, in the case of 1 Sig Bde, no actions speak louder than words.
  14. I have worked with both 1 Sig Bde and G6 and give me 1 Sigs anyday! At least they solve real faults not fantasy situations!! :D

    I saw ARRC on the BBC news this morning, talking abt their practicing on Bruggen for their deployment!! They actually looked busy for once!!

    The only good job ARRC does is that it keeps the officers busy!! :?
  15. Good to see that some things just refuse to change.