Discussion in 'Officers' started by Typhoon, Nov 4, 2004.

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  1. I am deploying on Op telic 5 and have been told I am going to be the G5 officer. Can anyone clarify what exactly this means (apart from my OC) and more importantly, does anyone have any tips or tricks to help?
  2. G5 is Civil/Military liaison and includes MACA and some Press/Media duties. Sounds like a pretty exciting job. 8O

  3. I find this little poem usually helps me to remember the G's:

    G1 is bum.
    G2 is poo.
    G3 is wee.
    G4 backdoor.
    G5's a scive.
    G6 is for pricks.
    G7 I can't think of anything for
    G8 we hate.
    and G9 is for useless civvy twats who are all on strike today.
  4. Sorry, forgot to add that it was the CIMIC house (G5 house) that got attacked stacks of times when 1 PWRR were on TELIC.

    Dont forget your CBA, stay low, move fast and only use hard cover. 8O
  5. In old speak, G5 was effectively 'Civil Military Co-operation' or CIMIC for short. We first formally adopted this as a discrete staff branch in Bosnia, borrowing the idea from the US.

    However, whereas the US classify CIMIC as 'Special Operations Forces', because they have to actually mix with the indigenous population, we decided that we would stick with what we knew worked, ie deploying teams of 2 or 3 blokes, usually lead by the officer who wasn't wanted as the Ops Officer (or anything else). Nowadays, it seems to be the sole preserve of AGC (ETS) types out for a jolly. There are many MBEs to be made in the G5 world, however.

    The new thinking, however, is markedly different. UK PLC are re-structuring their staff branch system, to fall into line with the rest of our Alliance chums (ie the US!). This is called Project ROBERTS. The new titles are:

    G1 - Personnel
    G2 - Int
    G3 - Ops
    G4 - CSS
    G5 - Plans (ie all planning)
    G6 - CIS
    G7 - Trg
    G8 - HNS (Host Nation Support)
    G9 - Budgets

    Clearly, G8 will become the new home of CIMIC. I suspect that the capacity to attract MBEs and the like will remain a fixed feature of this job.

    There are many sub-divisions within the structure outlined above, but it's essentially correct.

    I hope you end up doing what you volunteered for. I have to say that handing out blankets and water, and building schools for grotty lillte shitebag kids ain't my idea of a good time! :D
  6. Double post - deleted
  7. Fascinating... and yet, at the same time, really annoying. So, where will security come? G2 still, one assumes.

  8. The Army's complete and continuing failure to take G5 (and PInfo) seriously and as an operation of war is the main reason why "liberation" turned into "occupation" in about 5 nanoseconds in Iraq....
  9. I'm lost...is that old G5 or the new G5? :?
  10. Glad to see G/J6 is still there. So what happens to Medics etc. Used to be G/J7. What now?
  11. Presumably, CDT comes under G-whizz :wink:
  12. Am I the only one who finds the original post a a little worrying?

    I would like to think that someone deplying out on Telic 5 in a role such as this would at least have an inkling what G5 is. What planet were you on during your military education?
  13. Well, in the Joint arena....

    J1 manpower
    J2 intelligence
    J3 operations
    J4 logistics
    J5 plans
    J6 command, control, communications, and computer systems
    J7 engineering or operational plans (includes war plans, doctrine, education, training, exercises, and the assessment of each, as well as assessment of real world operations)
    J8 force structure resource and assessment
    J9 civil-military operations

    We have Budgets in J8 as a resource management thingy. Med is included in J4.
  14. In reply to Rooper, I was supposed to be deploying as a PC. However, as there seems to be a surplus of us, I've been shifted to ths role. And the emphasis of my posting was hints and tips. I've just gotten sick of wally's who seem to spout a load of verbatim and so threw down the gauntlet for some intelligent help. :x