G5 in the sand


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Heard a rumour that a certain palatial G5 cell are now online...
No one salutes anyone in my forum LH. As we are the senior regiment everyone else dresses to the left... remember that. :wink:
LH, I take it by crustys witty retort earlier in the thread that you also have the pleasure of knowing the man. 8O
Lancashire Hussar said:
Indeed I do, I'm actually sat about five yards from him as I type this.
Nice sig. Have anyone with green bonnets there?

Go on my son :D
Harry_Webster said:
Agent Orange I was going to ask about your relationship with GQ, I never realised you were father and son, are you still renting the flat above the post office at Imber?
Oh dear. more abuse for the newbies by harry.


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cdo_gunner said:

As this is the Gunners forum the term should surely be NIG should it not?
:twisted: :wink:
Fair one - a sign of too long spent at an ATR!
Can you ever spend too long at an ATR - being mucked around by petty rules. Having the filthy crows rule the roost because the army isn't man enough to admit training has to be at least a little bit tough.

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