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G4S: One Team?

We've just received the attached by email. Not sure of unit or location but that looks like an ambulance to me.

You have to ask ..... WTF




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I haven't laughed that hard since watching Baghdad Bob on telly deny any presence of western troops in Baghdad.

Brilliant. :)
I have an eerie feeling that the entirety of the Olympics is just going to be overshadowed by this lot and the morons in charge of them. Good that the piss can be taken.

I'm sick of the *******, to be honest, and I'm not in the mob. Cousin was supposed to be up on leave for my stag do next month but had it canceled because he has to work at the Olympics. He's not happy about it. Claims they're to be shacked up in huge numbers and are living off ration packs for the time being. Of course, the Army might be to blame. They moved his BATUS dates, which meant he couldn't be the best man at the wedding either.
Forget the parking ticket/notice and jail the vehicle's MTO/NCO and driver.

Look at the state of the grot around the windscreen rubbers, rust and dirt etc.

I've seen vehicles in a better state at Withams.

Would not been allowed in my day, what what. (just painted over it).

Excellent urine take, G4S have to recover their losses some how!!!
If this is not a urine take, prehaps the REME Recky Mechs will hitch up and remove a G4S Cash in Transit Van from outside a bank.

Nip back to the workshops, carbon disc cutters out and a few beer tokens for the lads who have been shafted.

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