G4S Counter Terror fcuk up

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bomb-int, May 6, 2011.

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  1. Just when you thought that G4S were great... word of warning about G4S Secure Solutions (UK).

    Last month my company Intelligent Armour Limited spent 12k+ on a stand at the Counter Terror Expo in London.

    The security at this event was carried out by G4S Secure Solutions (UK), The event security arm of G4S. During the build-up of the event we had items stolen off our stand.

    Q. How the **** could this happen at one of the worlds leading Counter Terror shows???

    A. Ask G4S

    Intelligent Armour will be taking legal action both for the theft and also against G4S for being totally shit at security.
  2. Pay peanuts, get monkeys.
  3. Yep. (plus 6).
  4. Next time they turn up to guard you, take some as hostages. Sounds like it wouldn't be too hard, and the remainder (survivors?) might stay more alert.
  5. Did you not put cameras on your stand?
  6. Cabana, we did get footage of the theft; but the fact that sub-contractors were left to roam is shocking; like i said, this was the Counter Terror Expo, not Ideal Home!
  7. Nothing to do with the said company dominance over the domestic and international market and your lot are left making sales pitches instead?
  8. And you were expecting what?

    It is an exhibition space. Vast numbers of contract staff come and go all the time erecting and tearing down stands, not to mention cleaners, catering staff, stewards etc.

    To the minimum wage security muppets it does not matter if you are exhibiting incontinence products or state of the art OMFG that looks dangerous kit. If it is not nailed down or you have your own security staff around overnight it can and will go walkies.

    Tip: next time you contract out for construction of a stand, specify security roller grills for it.
  9. Why not pay for a stand security guard, even at £10 an hour it would be peanuts compared to the 12K stand price.

    Better still dress them up as a mannequin and scare the shit out of punters for a laugh
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  10. Call it what you like it was just another 'bring and buy sale'
  11. Doesn't matter if your in the most secure camp or Exhibition center if you leave shiny kit out without precautions other than hoping the security providers ignore everybody Else's kit to secure yours you have no-one to blame but yourself.
  12. We did :) still did not stop them though!

    Fact is, that this was the largest Counter Terror Expo in Europe, you would think that G4S would get the security right. As for the contractors, they are meant to be security cleared...
  13. Did you examine their contract? Was it even their job to prevent you kit being stolen?

    Perhaps the person responsible for the security of the kit on your stand was you?
  14. Get Western on the job, provided it was not a telly that was stolen? :)
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  15. Stop proving you are a dick Albertous.