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What a way to treat a heroine: Royal Navy girl who fought in Afghanistan told to cover up uniform on Virgin flight in case it offended other passengers | Mail Online

  • Nicky Howse was ordered to remove her uniform before boarding a flight
  • Virgin Atlantic staff wrongly told her it was company policy not to allow military personnel to travel in uniform
‘It started at check-in. Some G4S security guy gave me the third degree about travelling in uniform. I was fuming. He was rude, he wouldn’t let the check-in girl give me my passport.
‘I was shaking with rage. I thought it was all done. But when I got to the departure gate I was taken to the side by the flight supervisor and they said I wasn’t allowed to fly in uniform and had to wear a sleep suit. I then stood feeling completely humiliated with other passengers, clearly curious as to what was going on, staring at me, waiting for him to come back with the black pyjamas.

‘I asked if it was Virgin policy, they said “Yes”.
Fecking outrageous..... I hope the mumpty security bloke has been disciplined.....

I was in the US a couple of weeks ago where they treat their forces personal properly. They are actively encouraged to fly in uniform and are usually called for boarding straight after first and business and before cattle class. Not unknown for free upgrades to be thrown in as well and I have witnessed this a couple of times on US Airways.

It is no accident that I rarely fly on a UK airline.
I wonder why she was wearing her uniform on her return flight...
Oh look! Another outrage thread on the subject.
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