G4 LOG Private Car Plate for sale

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Yaris, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. sold
  2. Do you have D4 DOG or C4 CAT?
  3. Service with a snarl! :-D
  4. PE02 TOP is only worth £250 on the DVLA website.......and no i dont have it on my car and neither would i consider anything mil on a reg plate, seriously sad!
  5. or N4 NOB or D4 DIK

    No, a Freelander :roll:
  6. The Holy grail of sad walty number plates beckons . . .

  7. In the car park at Range control on Hythe ranges you can often see a motor with G7 TRG.
  8. I saw a car in Tidworth a few years ago with RMP S1B (or was it S1B RMP?) on it. sad, really, really sad.
    Plus it was parked in Lidl ffs.
  9. Seen a guy with E6 SGT on his car.

    I know another with an airborne slant on it as well but he knows my username!

  10. The most appropriate QM numberplate would be

    G4 MBE

    The medal issued to QMs, traffic wardens, doctors receptionists and British Gas call handlers. Awarded for services to making other peoples lives a complete misery.
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  11. I don't want to appear negative but that is probably the most nauseating thing I've ever read.

    Hopefully that number plate will be obliterated in the head on smash I'm hexing upon you.