G3 Systems Ltd

go for it.

nothing ventured................................

good luck.
One of our WO1's has just left to work for them...fuel type stuff.
Spoke to him last week and said it was ok.
moving-target-survivor said:
Any of you chaps ever worked with these contractors?


I've been offered a job with them ....and will probably end up at Bastion running the field hospital project

any constructive comments-criticisms of their efforts to date?

PM me if needs be...

many thanks

Had them working for me in Bastion during the initial build of the Hospital. One of the better contractors out there!
If I had a choice, they would probably be the ones I would aim for.
many thanks chaps - I'll hopefully be managing the clinical side of the work - mostly design and installation of the technical and medical kit etc etc

They're backed-up by some good logistics chains ...and the work should eventually take me to where I want to be

I worked with them last year on Telic and they came across as a well organised team with some sound ex-mil staff. I think they are based in Dorset and work something like 8 weeks on and 3 off. The guy I worked closely with (Steve) had his own Naafi account so that he could buy beer by the crate load.


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