G3 snobbery.

Discussion in 'NOW That's What I Call ARRSE 1' started by BedIn, Jan 11, 2002.

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  1. I am a G3 snob, for two reasons:

    1)   G3 stuff is dead cool.  Yes, other stuff is critical - but dull.  They make films like "Platoon" and "Saving Private Ryan", not "Field Troop" and "POLing Private Ryan"

    2)     At JDSC I never had more than a passing understanding of where Warrior packs come from.

    Well, that's off my cigarette ravaged chest.
  2. And of course its not actually ........ very difficult,
    just repeat after me....

    two up bags of smoke,
    fix bayonets,
    help me mummy I'm bleeding

    continue until the pain goes away.

    Anyway I hear that you struggle to correctly operate fireworks without almost killing all and sundry.
  3. G3 snobbery?

    Sounds like a term created by people who have to look at themselves in the mirror each morning and are forced (yet again) to come to terms with the fact that their jobs are cack and are jealous.

    Please be assured, you are all really valued.
  4. But of course, I nearly forgot, you're all trained infantrymen anyway, because our job is so easy...............riiight!
  5. When all else fails, the day can be saved by small bands of determined men taking the fight to the enemy.

    Notice, not small bands of determined men making disinterested sergeants write essays on defence policy.
  6. Hum, funny.... there seems to be a certain amount of cynicism from some of our esteemed warrey breathren about the values of a non-G3 existance.  Doctor Freud would probably put this down to a occupational form of Penis Envy, i.e. having to make up for not having a real job to do for 99% of the time.  

    Watching the big boys playing in TESEXs one is always reminded of the ill-behaved toddler who sulks at his birthday party if he does not get his own way.  Why else is there always the stipulation that G4 matters are never allowed to affect the "battle" - cos we all know how realistic this is.  

    One can only presume that the pre-occupation with G3 is only because this is the limit of their knowledge and they never quite understood the sessions on G4 in their training.
    ...ah, but at least I'm not bitter!!
  7. The snobbery continues up the chain. Many at Chicksands think G3 types are there to make the tea. Vauxhall Cross thinks Chicksands is there to fix the Landrover.
    et cetera ad infinitam
  8. Lets be honest the way ahead is G5 (or is it G9 today? Where am I?) you are more likely to get a medal for building a kennel for some refugee granny's 3 legged poodle than if you actually did some heroic (G1, G2, G3, G4) act of bravery.
  9. Sorry I missed G6 from the potential doers of brave things.................ah well dont suppose they will notice they would have to be able to communicate and use IT to find the post.
  10. Ha!  VX don't even know where Quicksands is!  And as for "rocket screens"...  Well!
  11. Yes, yes, all those talented, bright, highly-qualified individuals who support the cannon fodder do indeed work very, very hard. And like to let us all know about it. (Do I hear "bleating"?)  But do they win any prizes for working hard?  Get back into your G1 / G4 hamster-wheels, and start running! Us G3-slackers are heading out the back for a crafty fag, and a two-and-a-half hour lunch break....  STAG-ON REMFS
  12. Cannon, Cannon Fodder, nah nah nah nah nah!!! Just supporting the Cannon Fodder :D Stag On!!
  13. Lets be brutal about this. We have allowed those from the 'other place'  into the war fighting community, in order to create staff work, us 'bullet throwers' can wipe our arse on.

    Its all REMF, and why are you at my Staff College?
  14. If any of the REMFs bite on your oh so subtle wind-ups on just about every thread on the board (don't you have anything better to do)...then I reckon they're as sad as you'd like to think they are......

  15. I think a lot of people are missing the point.

    All that non-G3 stuff is very important - without it we couldn't function.

    That said, bin men, traffic wardens and lollypop ladies are also critical.  Doesn't mean I would want to be one, or consider them remotely interesting.