G3 snobbery.


I am a G3 snob, for two reasons:

1)   G3 stuff is dead cool.  Yes, other stuff is critical - but dull.  They make films like "Platoon" and "Saving Private Ryan", not "Field Troop" and "POLing Private Ryan"

2)     At JDSC I never had more than a passing understanding of where Warrior packs come from.

Well, that's off my cigarette ravaged chest.


And of course its not actually ........ very difficult,
just repeat after me....

two up bags of smoke,
fix bayonets,
help me mummy I'm bleeding

continue until the pain goes away.

Anyway I hear that you struggle to correctly operate fireworks without almost killing all and sundry.
G3 snobbery?

Sounds like a term created by people who have to look at themselves in the mirror each morning and are forced (yet again) to come to terms with the fact that their jobs are cack and are jealous.

Please be assured, you are all really valued.
But of course, I nearly forgot, you're all trained infantrymen anyway, because our job is so easy...............riiight!


When all else fails, the day can be saved by small bands of determined men taking the fight to the enemy.

Notice, not small bands of determined men making disinterested sergeants write essays on defence policy.
Hum, funny.... there seems to be a certain amount of cynicism from some of our esteemed warrey breathren about the values of a non-G3 existance.  Doctor Freud would probably put this down to a occupational form of Penis Envy, i.e. having to make up for not having a real job to do for 99% of the time.  

Watching the big boys playing in TESEXs one is always reminded of the ill-behaved toddler who sulks at his birthday party if he does not get his own way.  Why else is there always the stipulation that G4 matters are never allowed to affect the "battle" - cos we all know how realistic this is.  

One can only presume that the pre-occupation with G3 is only because this is the limit of their knowledge and they never quite understood the sessions on G4 in their training.
...ah, but at least I'm not bitter!!
The snobbery continues up the chain. Many at Chicksands think G3 types are there to make the tea. Vauxhall Cross thinks Chicksands is there to fix the Landrover.
et cetera ad infinitam


Lets be honest the way ahead is G5 (or is it G9 today? Where am I?) you are more likely to get a medal for building a kennel for some refugee granny's 3 legged poodle than if you actually did some heroic (G1, G2, G3, G4) act of bravery.


Sorry I missed G6 from the potential doers of brave things.................ah well dont suppose they will notice they would have to be able to communicate and use IT to find the post.
The snobbery continues up the chain. Many at Chicksands think G3 types are there to make the tea. Vauxhall Cross thinks Chicksands is there to fix the Landrover.
et cetera ad infinitam
Ha!  VX don't even know where Quicksands is!  And as for "rocket screens"...  Well!
Yes, yes, all those talented, bright, highly-qualified individuals who support the cannon fodder do indeed work very, very hard. And like to let us all know about it. (Do I hear "bleating"?)  But do they win any prizes for working hard?  Get back into your G1 / G4 hamster-wheels, and start running! Us G3-slackers are heading out the back for a crafty fag, and a two-and-a-half hour lunch break....  STAG-ON REMFS


Cannon, Cannon Fodder, nah nah nah nah nah!!! Just supporting the Cannon Fodder :D Stag On!!


Lets be brutal about this. We have allowed those from the 'other place'  into the war fighting community, in order to create staff work, us 'bullet throwers' can wipe our arse on.

Its all REMF, and why are you at my Staff College?


If any of the REMFs bite on your oh so subtle wind-ups on just about every thread on the board (don't you have anything better to do)...then I reckon they're as sad as you'd like to think they are......



I think a lot of people are missing the point.

All that non-G3 stuff is very important - without it we couldn't function.

That said, bin men, traffic wardens and lollypop ladies are also critical.  Doesn't mean I would want to be one, or consider them remotely interesting.


War Hero
The real problem with G3 Snobbery is that in order to go to staff college, the G3 Warriors out there will have to learn to spell 'Staff College'.

I have met some very fine infanteers.  I have also met many who I would gladly send out as one-man recce screens with no weapons and mess tins tied all over their quivering bodies.

You are right, the prime functional area should always be regarded as G3, but the very reason that pers comes in at G1 and Int/Sy at G2 would suggest that without the manpower and info, G3 may as well be the functional area for Naked Bar and other such training events...
Have been having crisis of conscience regarding the slagging of fellow members of the forces who might not be quite as pointy as they have just fixed my Wr so I can now deal some 30mm fun (obviously I still cannot rely on my chain gun).  
However, then came yesterday and the CSS study day.  Kind of like Ex IRON FIST at the Hurst with all of the good bits chopped out.  It was a case of straight to Imber, bypassing the recce screen, the tanks/Wrs, even the guns and going onto the stuff which at 1400 in the afternoon really was sapping your will to live.

The whole day (with a few notable exceptions, in particular a good briefing from a REME subbie) summed-up why we trenchy types tend to have a bit of a hang up.  The seniors on the study day visibly bristled as an SO2 gave a brief with her helmet cantered of the side of her head with her pouches undone.  Then there was the med stand with the briefer wearing a benny under his helmet.  REME subbie with cartoon stickers on his rusty rifle, the list went on.  Then to cap it all, there was the RLC bloke who with his 25 seconds' experience of the Army climed as LSD commander he was the man in the Battlegroup who was the key in providing G4 advice, really.  Get a grip, you command an FFR and provide what the QM/BGLO tells you to.

Don't want to go on but....

Please understand that you are important (broken Wr etc, and even food sometimes, since forraging is illegal)  It's not sexy ("I have two trucks, one with bulk spares and one with small spares") but you don't help yourselves.  You'll all be the first to say you are trained soldiers (if not infantrymen) first and whatever else second.  You are not.  Please, retain your credibility and self-dignity by sorting your kit out, clean your rifles, the SA80 is not a crap weapon, but will jam if it is rusted solid! Have decent webbing (no upside down knives an yoke straps please, or 65 water bottler pouches, you'll never be more than 25ish metres away from your DROPs and don't need them).  Or at least do the pouches up.  DON'T WEAR BENNY HATS UNDER YOUR HELMETS.  Basically, do all of the things you were taught in Phase 1 / Sandhurst.  Oh and stop wearing those ridiculous red berets, they really do look gash.  

By the way, was fascinated to find out that RMPs have decided to centralise themselves in the BSG for protection.  Unknown whether this was from the enemy of or from the rest of the Bde Tps!  Also interesting was the concept that the "War Role" of route marking included showing us the way to the enemy?  See you in the FUP boys (and girls), or maybe at the side of the road at the POD checking that we have enough washer fluid for our optics.


The words of a Guardsman??? May look the part but can he do the business?? Glad we are getting into the spirit of London Fashion Week, even here on ARRSE!
Think you are missing the point here red-hatted one.
Firstly, not a whiff of blue-red-blue from this call-sign, but then you'd have probably worked that out with your obviously well practised detective skills honed since 1978? if you've been following stuff on the site (esp coments re SUMO664).
Second, whilst looking cool in the field is obviously extremely important (ally smock etc as appears to be the fashion still).  Carrying the right kit, I would submit, surpasses even that.  I refer to the likes of the blokes who learned lessons the hard way in 39-45 and who carried almost nothing except bullets, water and a bit of food.  I was trying to suggest that being a vortex in the goretex, all the gear but no idea was a bad thing.

But then with your no doubt endless experience of living in the field (and I refer more to living in a field / wood / hole rather than a 9x9 at your CP) you'd probably know that already!


War Hero
Dogmonkey you are entitled to your view as long as you remember your sexy warrior need fuel and ammo and specialised people to look after it. your precious carcass needs food and water and when some 15 year old with an rpg2 punches a big hole in it and sets you on fire you need the medics to put you back together again and also to hose the bits of you that drop of out of a forementioned warrior before the REME fix it and give it to some other poor sod.
Look at recent deployments more support units have gone than infantry and cav. Not only to Bosnia/Kosovo/sierra leonne but rawanda and various other disaster relief ops. As to what we wear/carry we carry what we need medics will carry more pouches on webbing cause med kit takes up space in bergans or day sacks. Big knives are useful to get out of tentage/colpro thats on fire.
and any fool can be cold and wet wearing hat keeps you warm also helps with keeping you focused on your job. And added to the specialised jobs the support services do the do also have to be Infantry to ie they have to provide local defence to their installations although in case of fld hosps we're ment to get an inf coy. Ok its not infantry skills at a high level but its additional to their main jobs.
at end of the day we need you to keep the enemey away and you need us to give you resources to fight the enemey.
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