G3 or SLR? which is best...........fight

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by steven seagull, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. My son plays cod4 (g3) and mw2 (fn gal) online and asked me which is best in the real world.

    Not a clue myself so any older hands used these weapons?

    The question is, if ammunition wasn't an issue and they were the only weapons available which would you use?
  2. Oh no another SLR is the greatest thread :)
  3. If were talking COD4 and MW2, it has to be 'fn gal' which I think is name FAL in MW2? It has to be the FAL, more accurate and more stopping power!! In real life though, I haven't got a clue.. :s
  4. Aah the good old SLR, had a cabby at Bisley a few years ago but havent had a go on the G3 but if its manufacturers are those that have improved the personal weapon for us then id hazard a guess its a winner
  5. In real life, the G3 is a PITA to strip unless you're very familiar with it. Otherwise, pretty much the same.
  6. :crying:Ohh god no :omfg:

  7. I did think that would be the general view as so many members would have used it but I would have thought the G3 would be a contender because of full auto and semi auto benefit.
  8. It should have read fn fal. But I'm typing on my phone under my desk.

    Is rather my manager think I was having a tug than on t'net
  9. Oh Suck it up Easesprings. Its been at least two weeks since the last SLR thread.

    Stephen Seagull. Your kids a nerd. You need to have words. Something along the lines of "You'll never get laid stuck in front of that Computer each day".

    Just think of Arrse as a Parenting fluffy cloud that can lift you from the drudgery of being a parent into the sunlit uplands of inner tranquility.
  10. Isn't there some cheat that turns every weapon into an all powerful ray gun and every grenade into a tactical nuke?
  11. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It's the G3 innit, them use 'em so they must be the bestest.
  12. Serious hat on....

    According to reports and i'll qualify i've never fired either weapon, the FN simply because the G3's action is a pain in the arrse, and makes it hard to fire.

  13. Could have had this in the OLD & BOLD forum if we still had one!!!
    SLR every time! but that is purely a personal opinion :)
    Puttees 4 by 2 brasso etc etc etc
  14. You can't clear a room on full auto with an SLR..........nuff said
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    SLR, as the G3 was a bugger to strip, a bugger to cock, and had a pretty useless Auto capacity (fine for round 1 and maybe 2, after that....). SLE was just simpler, which is a Good Thing.

    Can't remember the actual weights, but the SLR was certainly better balanced, without so much weight forward.