Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LordVonHarley, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. G20 is almost upon us and the BBC has already started the stories on tricky trickster protesters planning stuff, but they don'w know what. Goodwins gaff has been vandalised and Broon is bricking it over the BoE Bonds sale. Will it be the usal protest with a bit of pushing and shoving, Swampy makes a media come back about how capitalists are to blame, but thanks for the dole money. The middle class will shake their heads and tut a lot but by the following Monday things will be back to normal again.
    (I wonder how many of the Protesters voted Labour in or how many voted at all).


    Will it all kick off and the civilisation as we know it end in London?
  2. Civilisation as we know it never existed in London. Goering was doing us a favour.
  3. As the Kaiser Chiefs sang - I predict a riot!
  4. I'm afraid I shall sit and watch with interest, but for once I may feel a modicum of sympathy for the protestors cause. The usual Swampy tyes are not really an issue, they would protest at somebody cutting the lawn in a conservation area.
    What will get really interesting as the year goes on is wether the newly un-employed and those who have lost their house to re-possesion choose to react.
  5. I have three thoughts on how this will plan out

    When London recovers from the G20, the rest of the Country will probably still have not finished laughing.

    Gordon Broon, whilst standing on London Bridge, arms held out going "But im your Messiah" Will not escape being crucified, this time though, no storms but sunshine will appear.

    The entire Country will be under martial law
  6. Brown expected the G20 in London to be his salvation. Stands a very good chance of finishing him off and not just because most of those attending (apart from the US) think he is bonkers and his economic policies utterly stupid.

    Consider the list below. Assess chances of it not turning into deep sh1t at some point, given the fingerprints of Jonah Brown being all over it.

    G20 summit: What to expect

    Sunday 29 March
    Police increase security at Oxford v Cambridge boat race after threats were posted on the anarchist website that the annual event might be targeted.

    Monday 30 March
    Businesses prepare for week of chaos in London. Police presence on streets starts to increase. Up to 2,000 police expected to be on London's streets during the week, all leave has been cancelled.

    Transport for London expected to release list of roads, tube stations and parks to be closed.

    Mexican President Felipe Calderon starts an official two day state visit to Britain.

    Tuesday 31 March
    World leaders start to arrive at airports as well as RAF bases such as Northholt. Many are expecting to be staying in their countries' embassies in west London. US president Barack Obama fly in to Britain on his first overseas visit.

    Police start to erect barriers and seal off streets, particularly in the City of London. Banks, hotels, law firms and stockbrokers start to fortify their offices and shops against likely trouble from protesters.

    Wednesday 1 April

    11am G20 Meltdown. Groups styling themselves as "Four Horsefolk of the Apocalypse" expected to converge at London stations including Moorgate, Liverpool Street, London Bridge and Cannon Street stations.

    12pm Four different columns of marchers converge on the Bank of England. Live music, street theatre. Another group - Climate Change - will march on the European Climate Exchange in Bishopsgate, with tents.

    12.30pm People and Planet, made up of students campaigning to end world poverty, to protest outside banks in Bishopsgate area of City. Activists plan a 24-hour "flashcamp".

    2pm Stop the War coalition marches to the US embassy in Grosvenor Square, and then onto Trafalgar Square. Rising Tide campaigners expected to hold climate change demonstration.

    4pm University of East London holds alternative G20 Summit. Speakers include Tony Benn, film director Ken Loach, former mayor Ken Livingstone, Labour MP John McDonnell and Green party leader Caroline Lucas.

    Campaign Against Climate Change stages a "climate emergency iceberg demo" outside the Excel centre, the site of Thursday's summit

    Afternoon (timings not released) The Queen holds formal audiences with the prime ministers of Australia and Canada separately in her private apartment in Buckingham Palace.

    Late afternoon The Queen meets privately with President Obama and Michele Obama in her private apartment.

    Evening Reception for world leaders and heads of delegations at Buckingham Palace hosted by the Queen and Prince Philip.

    Dinner at 10 Downing, hosted by Gordon and Sarah Brown, for world leaders and heads of delegation

    8pm England v Ukraine World Cup football qualifier kicks off at Wembley, testing Metropolitan Police's resources to the maximum.

    Thursday 2 April

    7am Protest expected outside the London Stock Exchange.

    Morning (timings not yet released)

    G20 starts at Excel Centre with separate working breakfasts for finance ministers and country leaders.

    Official photograph of world leaders.Finance ministers and leaders come together for first plenary session.

    Youth March for Jobs from Camberwell Green to Excel Centre, via Bank of England. Seven protests groups, including Stop The War Coalition, due to meet outside Excel Centre.

    A March for Jobs, in the tradition of the Jarrow Marchers, to be held through some of the poorest boroughs in London.

    First session ends. Working lunch for leaders and finance ministers. Stop the War demonstration in Westminster,


    Second plenary session begins with world leaders and finance ministers

    Closing press conference with world leaders

    Friday 3 April

    Morning Campaigners could shift protests to Edinburgh where Royal Bank of Scotland is holding its annual general meeting.

  7. As long as it's all cleaned up by the weekend of the Army v Navy game I don't care.
  8. The Crusty Jugglers are talking a good fight, but I doubt it will be anything the Met have'nt seen and delt with before.

    A few arrests, a few coppers - and rather more Crusties - will get a shoeing. The G20 delegates won't even know something has kicked off unless they see it on TV. The people worse affected will the poor b@stards who work and live near the flashpoints.

    Unless Al Queda take adavantage of the Met being stretched thin, or the Crusties have a fcuk-load more support than they have enjoyed in the past, this will be a non-event. :roll:

    Hope I'm proven wrong, though; I could do with a laugh. :twisted:
  9. I am pleased to see that London is the venue of choice for such gatherings but - who called it in and who pays?
  10. So if the Forces got the call to assist the cops who would follow the orders to give a group of the public who have lost homes,jobs and pentions to a crap goverment and an unelected leader a good a good hiding

    Could you bring yourself to assault a legal public demonstration because it is causing embarrassement to mr brown and chums

    All the best
    be safe
  11. Yes because that happens all the time :roll:
  12. Torch the bastards - the delegates that is!
  13. Yes because that happens all the time

    So i take it that you do not belive your own goverment would turn the lads on the public then how naive you are the police have already said they cannot cope with mass disorder so were does Mr Brown get the xtra staff from to keep the streets clear of the unwashed

    Just look at the news alternative sites your MOMS,DADS,BROTHERS,SISTERS and MATES have all had enough and might just feel like taking to the streets. Even your seniors will have doubts and the young Rupert will be sweating
  14. Do you know Diana was whacked on the orders of Princes Philip?
    Do you know the CIA are responsible for 9/11?
    Do you know the moon is made of green cheese?
  15. Wooops, Mr Geithner. Guess G20 won't be quite so comfortable for the US Treasury as these things usually are.

    WFIW, dollar hegemony appeared to me to be good for the world so long as US economic growth could be relied on. Now that we're in the uncomfortable position of simply not knowing what to expect, it's a source of real danger to pin all your hopes on just one national economy. Looks like the money-men agree.