G20 Showstoppers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by old_bloke, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. So the Rozzas have found a few of the great unwashed with ...

    1. Weapons- but what exactly, a kitchen knife and a poker?
    2. Replica weapons - Great like to see how that would have panned out .See how long they last against the Secret Service when tey bean eaters pulled out even a spud gun lookalike. :D

    3. Some nasty litrature- Oh that would put the fear of GOD into Obama.

    4. Other stuff?

    So how would you stop London for the G20?

    I'd go for .

    1. Liqify Lion shit and spray it near the Police horses - It would be like the Kentucky Derby down the Mall.

    2. Trick a few 100 W.I. to help by spiking the tea that they will be serving with a vast dosage of Ipcac syrup.

    3. But 10,000 old cars and arrange for them to all break down at the same time near the summit. Instant grid lock.

    Any others?
  2. Personally I'd kick off somewhere else, where the Rozzers aren't, could be hours of uninterupted fun.
  3. 1)A couple of hundred doped-up nutters at the front, wearing body-armour and carrying BFO knives.

    2)Another group armed with Belfast Napalm: petrol mixed with washing up liqued.

    3)Third unit armed with gats; attack soft targets all over London - schools, hospitals, supermarkets etc.

    4)Firebomb buildings in various parts of London. Then make false-alarm calls to the Emergancy Services.

    5)Group standing by with calthrops, crossbows etc to counter police horses.
  4. Re-enact the Tiananmen Square Massacre.That should stop the whole show.
  5. 1. Dump some bleach in the Thames = no more jellied eels = london starves.
    2. Smash all pianos = no more 'knees up mather braaaahn' = london a quiet and desolate place.
  6. 1. "Large nuclear simulator" (45gal oil drum on 6' pickets, 3/4 full of diesel and washing power/flakes, and 10 x 8oz PE4 charges) Couple of them let off would bring any capital to its knees

    2. Group of bods wandering round in full noddy kit with some "shiny objects with antennas", especially in the underground stations. (wandered around like this in Dorset one... never again!)

    3. Wheely barrow bomb the Docklands sites... and also certain costal sites on the west and east coasts.

    Actually, given the apparently flimsy material with which the BiB in Devon are holding 5 people under the Terrorist Act, we ought to be careful... I dont fancy 28 days at the hands of the SB boys.

    But if you dont hear from me for a few days.... then I'm giving a "first night" run of the Big 5 to some very nice people from an unspecified agency ;-)
  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    couple of big paintball style smokes let off at various underground stations? a dozen or so would tie up the emergency service quite nicely I imagine.

    purely hypothetically I hasten to add...
  8. I'm really surprised anyone's suggesting this... do you really want to bring a city to a halt? That involves disrupting thousands of normal people's lives, and that's what the crusties are aiming at after all.
    I'd target the crusties and bring their attention seeking, "look at me" protests to a halt. But that's just me. I hate smelly, unwashed, moaning, rent-a-mob crowds who are just out for smashing up and burning the nearest branch of Tescos, just for the hell of it.

    Oh and my weapon of choice, a few airport water tenders with detergent mixed into the water. I'm happy to man the cannon. :wink:
  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    oh, I've got no time for the dog-on-a-string crowd - if there was nothing to feel aggrieved about politically, they'd be kicking off at football matches, the morons.
    but I've got equally as little time for that one eyed scots moron grandstanding at our expense in an attempt to stop people noticing exactly how corrupt and fiddling him and his cronies are...
  10. a massive orgy?
    100,000 people getting their groove on, in a big sweety pile of writhing bodies and lube will stop any meeting, i bet Jaqui Smith's husband would be the first one out the door on a "fact finding mission".