G20 riots

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by YorkieDragoon, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. Anyone remember the riot outside the Chinese Embassy about 5 weeks ago? Lots of arrests, rozzers hitting people and dragging them around- brilliant stuff! 8)

    I spent that Sunday afternoon bored as f**k at home trying to do work, :crash: thinking surely there must be something better to do, but not knowing what was happening just around the corner. (Literally around the corner- 2 mins walk away) I even heard the riot at one point and, in annoyance that it was disturbing me, shut my window to keep the noise out! :twisted:

    Obviously, I was rather fed up to think I could have spent that boring afternoon watching on the sidelines of a mass street-brawl, but what was i to do? I knew no better- it's not as if they'd had the common decency to advertise that it was on or anything!

    However, all is not lost. Up-coming we have the inevitable G20 riots which, according to the London papers, promise to be absolute stonkers :headbang: Given that they have had the forethought to advertise, the question is- where do we think the best showings are going to be available? :?

    I hear that around the British Museum and around the Bank of England are going to be the places to get your deckchair out and watch the hairy layabouts get laid into....

  2. If you are interested the BBC has prepared a map of expected protests. Click on BBC Linky and scroll down the page.

    I am on the wrong side of the pond to watch but have a bit of a professional interest in this sort of thing. Also interested as a friend works for a law firm that is right in the midst of the sites mentioned. Hopefully she will be alright.
  3. It's likely to affect a lot of people- quite a number of law firms around there. Which one's she at?

  4. they Should send in the inf to go and crack some hippy sculls in tomorrow. that'D sort them out.
  5. I'm flying in specially for the occasion (carbon footprint can never be too big I say!) hoping Canary Wharf will provide front row seats to watch the 'Something must be done' brigade get a shoeing.

    I'd like to think it should be a damp squib to be honest from a trouble perspective. If the police and intelligence services have learnt anything from previous events these organisations should surely be riddled with moles and under constant monitoring.
  6. Ashurst, soliciters firm I think. Appold St
  7. When the Democrats had the convention in Boston, MA about 5 years ago the anarchists were fascinating. They would march, then groups would split off and go divergent routes to rejoin the main group later. We had police helos doing overhead visuals downlinked to command centers. It was sort of like watching a well choreographed dance. The downlink allowed forces to deploy blocks anead of the anarchists. Was a bit of fun but a long feckin day if you were working it.

    Good luck with G20 to all working the job. Note: my friend brought a box lunch for dinner in case she cannot leave her office.
  8. Ahhh, nothing like the sound of a Hickory Stick cracking an Elbow or Knee Joint. Instant pain - Man down - Medic for one please..!

    The one and only time that I'm jealous of Plod..
    :D :D :D
  9. Good idea! I've actually agreed to catch up and have lunch with a like minded colleague to watch the show but have begun to think the restaurants may not be open for the day. More concerned about the great unwashed preventing me getting back to the city at the end of the day.
  10. What actually happens to these rioters when they get nicked in the USA? I can't see some long hair hippy lasting long in a state prison with the Aryan Brotherhood and Mexican mafia looking at their arses.
  11. I'll be content to watch it again and again courtesy of Sky Plus, accompanied by a social glass of Italian red! - nice when watching the claret flowing!
  12. Is this likely to be as entertaining as the London Olympic torch parade which someone had the foresight to cover on TV. Me and several mates agreed next day that it clearly was an interesting variation on British Bulldog and should have been made an annual event as we had so much fun watching it.
  13. I'm thinking of accessorizing for the commute through the city...


    Should get them going... but then a thought struck me.... if you can turn up to these marches odds are you're a regular march/protest fiend and unlikly to pay taxes in the first place!

    So this will be my briefcase of choice on Thursday...

  14. The vast majority get bailed out with assistance of civil liberty lawyers and end up getting probation with no custodial time. The very few who get time are usually people who have assaulted a police officer. There is actually a certain amount of prestige for someone in for A&B on a PO.
  15. I do hope somone breaks out the RUC handbook on crowd control. would be great telly.

    we could even TEXT vote in to have the soft peelers removed from the riots!