G20 Key Aims and can we predict a riot??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. I'm wondering what all the fuss and money spent on security is? All these world leaders only have 4.5 hours to discuss the topics below? :? wtf :roll: like thats enough time :wink: also it seems very quiet so far and none of these leftty protesters turning it into the poll tax riots? :roll: so what are the aims of all this talk of disruption on the city by the police? as i cant see how, other than causing it themselves :wink:


    G20 Key Aims -
    . Co-ordinated action to revive world economy
    . Tighter regulation of banks/financial institutions to prevent another crisis
    . Agree blueprint for future reform of world financial system
    . Prevent slide towards protectionism
  2. What you need to remember is that the only major protest conducted so far was organised by the TUC who have a long history of organising responsible protests and marshalling them well. On Saturday (note the choice of day, selected so those who have jobs could attend) 35 000 people marched and 1 arrest was made.

    Tomorrow swampy and the crusty jugglers come out to play with the stated intent of "bringing the city to its knees" and you will see a very different type of protest and understand what the Police have been preparing for.
  3. Unfortunately - no, we can't Predict a Riot. :roll:

    The Met are too well equipped, trained and switched on to allow the Crusty Jugglers to do anything more than smash a few windows. A few Coppers, and civilians who are in the wrong place at the wrong time, will get hurt and a lot of the Crusties will get shoeings from the TSG. But the Met will keep Swampy and friends on a very short leash.

    If there's any real danger over the next few days, it's that Al Queda try and use the Met being stretched to the limit as an oppertunity to hit a soft target well away from where the bulk of police officers are stationed; this is, basically, what the 7/7 bombers did during the G8. :evil:
  4. Last time it all kicked off in the 1999 City riots, turned into a clusterfcuk because the Met. & City senior Plod tried to run their own shows and dithered, failing to clock just how bad it was getting because they were swamped with conflicting intelligence.

    Thus loads of Plod were swilling tea in the HAC grounds waiting for orders whilst it all turned to sh1t. True the some of the Essex Boys at LIFFE did not help much by doing loadsamoney routines, chucking rolls of photocopied £50 notes at the great unwashed and generally were up for it but the net result was pretty grim.

    All concerned got a good kicking in the inevitable Report and hopefully this time round minds are very much more concentrated and organised.