G20 Death: Officer 'Guilty' Of Gross Misconduct

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tool, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. It's not in the Last 50 forum updates, so here goes:

    The police officer cleared of killing a newspaper seller during the G20 protests has been found guilty of gross misconduct by a disciplinary panel. PC Simon Harwood hit Ian Tomlinson with his baton and shoved him to the ground in the City of London in April 2009. The 47-year-old managed to walk about 75 metres before he collapsed and later died from internal bleeding.

    Harwood was acquitted of manslaughter in July but the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said he should face a public Metropolitan Police disciplinary hearing.

    The hearing heard that Harwood had acknowledged his actions amounted to gross misconduct and had twice offered his resignation, which Scotland Yard refused to accept.

    From G20 Death: Officer 'Guilty' Of Gross Misconduct - Yahoo! News UK
  2. So, according to the inquest jury, Tomlinson was 'unlawfully killed' by Harwood; occording to the trial jury, Tomlinson wasn't unlawfully killed by Harwood, and according to the Met, Tomlinson was killed in a grossly misconductful way by Harwood.

    So that's as clear as mud, then.
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  3. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Something to do with resigning looking slightly better on the CV than being sacked?

  4. God forbid he'd apply for another force with a clean sheet. I mean, who would have the nerve to do that?
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  5. I pushed somebody once. Luckily for me they didn't die.
  6. He'll get a job in some old people's home no doubt!
  7. I assume they are going to sack him without pension, the article didn't make it clear.
  8. There might be a job for him at Dignitas
  9. I feel that he has seen the last days of wearing the uniform. Thankfully for the public and most of all for the family of the victim.
  10. I pushed someone once, unfortunately his name was John Rambo and many people died!
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  11. My name's GrandMaster Flash, and don't push me 'cause I'm close to the edge
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  12. I presume the attempt at resignation had more to do with retaining some form of pension, although it would also look better than "sacked" on his CV.

    In some ways, I feel he's been made a bit of a scapegoat by the Met. The jury trial found him not guilty of manslaughter. In my opinion, that should be enough. It's the same as the old section 69A. If you end up in court, you end up in front of the CO too for bringing the army into disrepute. I never agreed with that one, and still don't.

    It seems the family of the deceased want to keep pushing this. The cynic in me says it has nothing to do with justice, but how much they can get from the Met:
    "The family's solicitor, Jules Carey, said: They want it to be determined finally whether or not PC Harwood is guilty as an employee of the police of killing Ian Tomlinson." Why add the "employee of the police"? Surely they just want him found guilty as an individual?
  13. 'Cos they want the money; it's like a win on the lottery.

    My Dad is a right **** and I couldn't care less if he lives or dies, but if some copper beat him to death I'd be in there like a motherfucker to score a couple of hundred grand. Wouldn't you?
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  14. Yes, but that was my point. All this "woe is me" winds me up!
  15. The Newspaper seller was an alcoholic (allegedly ).

    He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and drunk (allegedly).

    Because of brusque treatment as he got in the way, he had a (or is it an?) heart attack.(fact)

    Also, what hmmm says !