G10 Watch strap, correct fitting?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TheBigUn, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Not that my life is dull and boring or anything but recently while talking about G10 watches we got into a discussion about issue watch straps. :oops:

    My mukka reckons that the flap on the inside of the strap should be worn folded back under the buckle, to, in his opinion, prevent the steel buckle coming into contact with the sleeve of your Noddy suit? I'm not quite sure why and neither is he but he swears it's true because that is what someone told him. :roll:

    I have just worn them with the extra flap on the strap under the watch back, so it's double thickness between wrist and watch.

    No doubt someone on here will know the definitive answer, any watch spotters/geeks out there?

  2. My straps folded back due to the fact that the strap is about 10 inches long which is too big for my scrawny wrists. I think your mate is taking the michael out of you!
  3. NATO G10 watch straps site with instructions approximatly 3/4 of the way down the page on how to fit the G10 watch strap.

  4. Sluice,
    Reference watch spotter/geek mentioned above :wink: You're that woman. Thanks.

    Edited to add wo in front of man for sluice :wink:
  5. Sorry to disappoint but I'm not a man!
  6. Ah, you be a man with a wo then ;-p
  7. I'm baffled as to how you've had it fitted up to now. I only thought there was one way to fit it...
  8. I don't know what's more disturbing:

    That a soldier needs to check how to wear his watch strap or that there is a website telling you how to do it.

    I am A). a man without WO and B). have small wrists and C). don't lose sleep over watch straps.

  9. Im looking at mine now and there is only that I can see. Wait till I've had a few beers and I'll have another look at it. :D
  10. Thank god!

    For years I'd been thinking that maybe, just maybe, I'd been doing it wrong, now I can sleep safe in my bed content in the knowledge that I've got the strap on my weatch the right way. Thanks sluice.

    As for the original question - I've tried to get the extra bit on mine that I now know should go under the watch, to go on the outside for the protection of my noddy/tin-foil combo, but its more or less impossible to do as the buckle ends up back to front. But, well done for allowing me to waste 5 minutes of my life............
  11. I've got big wrists so not an issue for me. Glad I don't have this dichotomy (get a dictionary :? )Can't think why one is bigger than other though :oops:
    Maybe it will become part of the entrance medical: if the strap goes through the watch and around one more time, you're too weeny to join up :lol:

  12. Its when you wear your G10 with a regimental watch strap that things get complicated.
  13. in your pocket or on a bit of string round your neck, thats where mine has been for the past decade and a half.