G10 Watch - help with battery change.

The G10 watch uses 'ease of battery change' as a method of marketing, however I don't know if I'm changing the battery correctly... :oops:

I unscrewed the battery hatch, removed the old battery, put the new correct type back in, and screwed the hatch back on....and yet is doesn't seem to tick. What am I doing wrong?

Apologies for a very bone question, but if anyone could resist the temptation to humiliate me further, and could please tell me what I might be doing wrong, then I would be extremely greatful. Getting to the point of dispair..

Anyone else had this problem, or am I just a mong? :roll:

[Awaits incoming..]
Are you using the right Battery? There are differant types. Pop along to your Armourer if your still in, He will be able to tell you if its fcuked or not.
Battery is upside down? :p
Sorry about this


Take it down the bloody watch shop thats what i do.

you did ask for it.
Indeed I did Duty_Cook! :D

It is now sorted, with the use of some specialist watch tools and a friend, we managed to pry the battery in, and it now works. 8)

Still a mong, but at least it's done.

Thread can now be closed.

Thanks for the replies,


Ps. The battery was the right way up. :wink:

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