G10 FOR MEN!!! not tarts!

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by accidentalscaley, Jan 7, 2006.

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  1. Why is it that civvy companies are charging as much as 130 quid for a G10 for Men watch when you can get them on expence for 30 quid. Fair enough only the stores arrse holes are the only ones in the unit to wear them and fcuk everyone else. If you are on the sharp end and your watch gets fcuked. some fat cnut in echelon won't let you sign one out cos all the REMF's are wearing them in Ech working on their squaddie tan. Low paid scumbags with minimal education, don't even know how to tell the time!!
  2. Why is it civvy companies are charging £60 for a used Noddy Jacket for fashion. Because knobs will pay it!!!

    As for actually wanting a G10 Watch i'd rather just cough up the bunce for a decent Traser and the cnut should suit u fine. If it does break Just turn up everywhere late until they get u a watch.
  3. Fair one. I remember buying a 2 Pound watch off Al Fazullah in Cyprus on Lion Sun, i clipped it with a shovel when i was putting bush fires out and the fcuking hands fell off!! Treat yourself
  4. I bought one off a dodgy choggi on Op Telic. It lasted 11 minutes.

    I put it down in the back of our wagon and flicked a water bottle at my mate. It hit him so he launched an Empty ammo tin at me (As you do) It crunched my brand new Hag Teur. Tosser!
    But even better the affect it had on The Plt Cmdrs brand new Sadaam Photo War trophy with posh frame and glass seemed to Cheer me up about the unfortunate loss.
  5. A fool and his money are easily parted!

    Caveat emptor!
  6. Frontline GTI score 21
    In the rear Tech trade GTI score 50,So not sure who these low paid minimal education guys are????

  7. Who are you angry with most scaley - the civvy companies or the remfs ?? :?

    Chill out it's only a fcuking watch :lol:

    What you need is a titanium Mares Nemo dive computer and scratch some wee arrows into it so it looks like it's some sort of uber-gucci issued timepiece/death-ray homing device, it'll cost you a month's pay and confuse them no end as they frantically try and find the part number to demand their own :lol:

    p.s. - for an authentic squaddie tan you only need the strap, rather than the whole ensemble ...
  8. lol... still got my old G10 from moons ago... somewhere... should realy have signed it back in but it went awol with the rest of my mfo box on the way back from the mill lol
  9. I recommend Bugis Street in Singapore. My G Shock battery rolled a 7 on way to Aus for Long Look 2001. Bought a Tag Heuer (!) for equilvalent of 6 quid from a street vendor and it's still ticking away merrily now.
  10. would you say £39 for a G10 is a fair price or a rip off ?
  11. got a beaut tag from bulgaria, its got kinetic inerds, so it'll never run out. Not bad for a fiver!