G1? G2? GWhat?????????????????

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bigbishywah, Aug 12, 2004.

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  1. Does anyone out there understand the meanings for all the G's and J's that the military us? as if my life insnt confusing enough
  2. Can't remember the textbook definitions, but roughly:

    G1 personnel and manning
    G2 security and intelligence
    G3 trg and operations
    G4 admin
    G5 civil/military relations and media

    J prefix is for joint service operations - normally div + level.

    I have seen J6-J9 but have no idea what they were
  3. I doubt very much if even the people in J6-J9 jobs know what they are supposed to be doing!! 8O
  4. G1 – Personnel matters.
    G2 – Int and Security.
    G3 – Operations and Training.
    G4 – Equipment and Logistics support.
    G5 – Civil and military Cooperation.

    Joint Environment

    G6/J6 – Comms and IT
    G7/J7 – Doctrine
    G8/J8 – Forward Operational plans.
    G8/J9 – Budgets and finance

    (taken directly from my mil knowledge exam q card!!)

  5. Come to think of it, J6 might have been comms so you're right P_P , no idea what they were doing! :lol:
  6. G6 is IT..... computers and the like.

    Once had a Dutch officer come into the headquarters looking for G6, only he asked for 'Gay Sex' :?
  7. Ha ha..... a bit like a jock staffy we had on an exchange down with the yanks at Spengdahlen. He nearly gave one of the yank 'Gunny' like instructors a heart attack during a cigarette break when he asked "Where can I put my fag butt?" Poor bugger nearly broke his jaw on the floor :lol: :lol: :lol:
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  9. Cow

    Cow LE

    soon stop taking piss when want to phone home dont you!
  10. WOart

    Thanks for the useful bit of info.

  11. Doesn't this question prove what an error it was to go whoring after the Spam staff branch designations when we had our own very clear and very British system of G, A and Q branches?

    Who wouldn't rejoice in the title 'Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quarter-Master General'? The fact that other nations had no idea what we were talking about was an advantage, in my humble opinion.
  12. Its all changed as of 2005

    G1 - Personnel
    G2 - Int & Sy
    G3 - Ops
    G4 - Logs
    G5 - Plans
    G6 - Comms & IT
    G7-G9 not sure but who cares
  13. Are u 100% sure its changed, have an exam on it on Sat.
    Wheres the old G5 (Civ) gone to??
  14. Not 100% sure it has actually been brought online as of now, but 100% sure it is changing v soon. The old CIMIC is now one of the G7-G9. Will find out and get back to you soonest polar.