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  1. deleted.
  2. Call me a cynical bitch if you like, but....

    This sounds so much like "I had some cannabis, is there an excuse I can use when I get tested?"
  3. You don't get drugs tested at ADSC, you only get tested once you are enlisted specifically because we can't boot you out if you aren't in to start with ;)

    Also the CDT can tell if it is passively inhaled, if you were that worried about it surely you wouldn't have sat that close to the muppets that are smoking it eh ;)
  4. Did you trip over a discarded rollerskate and fall face first into a bag of cocaine too ??

    I bet you stole your ticket money off your Nan and emptied your Mums copper jar before you left....junkie scum
  5. You'd think that but an 80,000 people crowd its a little hard to avoid and when your seeing a band you don't move or you lose it :D.

    Also i wish it was an excuse then i would only have myself to blame.
  6. We did a piss test when I went to ADSC.
  7. Yes and that is part of the 'medical' and not a drugs test :)

    There was a question some time ago as to whether or not the urine sample you give at ADSC could be used to screen in advance the amount of applicants coming into the Army that had been taking drugs, the idea being if they found someone to be positive they could then hit them with CDT in phase 1 and get rid of them rapidly, but it is neither legal nor is it cost effective.
  8. They do drugs test at ADSC, and they report anyone who fails to the Police, and then you're never allowed to try to join again because of the inevitable criminal record you'll have.

    Hope that helps!
  9. To be fair to the OP - I spent the weekend at a music festival (Isle of Wight) and despite all the police sniffer dogs there was a hell of a lot of weed being smoked. Pretty much everywhere in the crowd, then back at the campsites etc

    I guess if you didn't feel the effects then you wouldn't have inhaled enough to be found in your urine though?
  10. I think thats for protein levels and things like that not a CDT. :D
  11. This is nonsense-its not like you've been hotboxing a sealed room with 3 Rastas, its someone smoking a joint 20' away outside, the concentration will be so low you'll never even notice it...its not nerve agent FFS! Unless you have been at the ganj yourself, in which case bad boy, not suitable for military life...
  12. As long as you werent in an enclosed space at the time with plenty being smoked around like a Tent etc nothing will show up. Wouldnt really worry about it too much i have to deal with it a lot since quite a few people i know have some for medicinal use i.e Family member has recently been fighting breast cancer and hte tablets are taking a toll
  13. The results foir someone who has passively inhaled as opposed to smoked cannabis are entirely different, and it is very easy to tell those that have or haven't actively smoked.

    Also be aware that if you have actively smoked cannibis, it remains in the system for months. Heroin, on the other hand.............
  14. they ask you if you have been in "contact" or taken drugs before the test,,, if you where around smoke it WILL show,,,, the answer you give is recorded on the bottle ect and plays a big part on there answer...
  15. You obviously can't read. It has already been said by a solider serving in a career's office that the urine sample taken at ADSC is not for drug related purposes.

    Your signature also shows what kind of person you are. I don't think I've ever seen 'Brapppp' in the dictionary and I think the only people that use it are the people that are idiots tbh.

    Just my personal opinion though...