Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BLACK_MOUNTAIN_ELVIS, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. anyone know of any Merc G Wagons being issued / in use / being evaluated ? anyone got any pics with uk plates ? i know 19 are being evaluated/considered for issue ! any ideas ? cheers elvis
  2. GOC MND(SE) Takes great pleasure in being drivin around in his at Basra Air Station forcing everyone to salute it and giving them a good telling off if they don't.
  3. He's the GOC ffs. He's sort of allowed to!
  4. I didn't say he wasn't...
  5. this thread is useless without pics!! :lol:
  6. is it on uk plates?
  7. Many years ago they were used by the Mission in Germany good bit of kit. I've seen an exellent video of one doing an "emergency reverse" away from an angry T-64!!

  8. BLACK_MOUNTAIN_ELVIS, why do you want to know? Whats your interest?
  9. i own a G wagon me-sel! am led to believe there are 19 being issued/evaluated to scallies/ media ops but just wanna be johnny big bollocks and black ball me sidekick and get a pic of one on uk plates first!! :D
  10. We had the old G Wagons in NATO - not nearly as good as we thought they'd be. In fact, rather pants overall. Hope the newer breed is better.
    Can't imagine why anyone would buy one.