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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Pompey_Jock, Sep 11, 2004.

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  1. Spent 4 great years there - albeit quite a long (looonngggg) time ago now...

    Have looked through the other pages in this forum and didnt find a thread to do with that wonderful institution (maybe just missed it), but am sure they are still out there....

    So any old, or current, G&SUOTC folks out there - dont be shy - come out from the woodwork.

    Do they still do that Barrel Race? Ran in that bloody thing 3 or 4 times.. once when I just turned up to watch, wasnt even in the OTC any more and my old company were a man down... so was press-ganged into it.

    Anyway, i digress....
  2. Is that the race where the Infantry sub-unit (whose T-shirts that year were black with a white flaming skull mounted on a bayonet, and "Infantry" in gothic script beneath) got beaten by the Pipes and Drums on the occasion that the P&Ds entered?
  3. I do remember the Infantry sub-unit having those ridiculous T-shirts (but I think they had them at various times) - I think it made them feel hard or macho.... but wasnt in the Inf unit myself, though that was, and is, where my tendencies lie.

    I do remember something about a P & Ds victory in it - but it wasnt in my time.

    When I first did the barrel race it was still an 'all' OTC team against the Air and Naval units..... and then cause the fly-boys and co. complained the OTC was split down to company teams.

    This would have been around very late 80's/early 90's - damn, showing my age now. :D

    Did they then do it by sub-units?
  4. Ahhhhhhhhh...

    The Barrell Race. This unfortunately died a sad death in 1995 . From 93 onwards it was run on a company basis with no shows from the Air and Naval units (except for at the p.i.s.s up at the end).

    Col. Tiger Tim the Tartan Tourist (4 Tango) and his mad island hopping annual camps - C Coy digging in to a bog on the isle of Lewis in 1994 - "don't worry chaps, it'll all drain away!!!!!!"

    Beach landings on Jura - scenes of floating helmets and frantic arm waiving as the Coy pile of the landing craft only to find out it was the wrong beach...having to pay for the showers at the end of the exercise...

    4 very fun years, spent doing far too much pratting about and not enough time in lectures... :D
  5. Slight dumb question are you on about Southampton OTC???
  6. Glasgow and Strathclyde, by the looks of it...
  7. 1994? Late 80s? Good grief, I must be old. Pull up a sandbag, my children. I joined GSUOTC in 1966, when military service was about as popular as a boil on the bum and the issue TOS was the diameter of an LP. And don't say you don't know what an LP is.

    But there's no doubt that it was the best club in either University, with the best bar. Military training was more or less optional as the Officers' Mess was a retirement home for the Glasgow Highlanders, though we did have a pretty sparky TM.
  8. Shame the quality TM's didn't stay...all of mine were crap. Though the Adj was always good for a laugh!!

    Larry Healey - now there was a legend in his own lifetime :wink:
  9. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    What's this - a Mod dropping names. I thought that was strictly taboo.
  10. One very fun week, in the late 1980s, in Switzerland, reinforcing their P&D 8)

    Stayed in a 200-place fallout shelter under the local college, and given lots of beer vouchers (literally!) marked "Aero-Club Yverdon-les-Bains". Travel courtesy of a Queen's Flight Andover.....

    Amusing moments included:
    - the guys who persuaded the bunch of models handing out Gauloises Blondes in packets of 5, that "seeing as they got a break after handing out their current batch, they should just hand over the whole carrier bag". Would have been more amusing if they'd succeeded in their other attempts at persuasion too :twisted:

    - having the D/Maj threaten us all with doom prior to the Customs check back in UK. He's first up, plants his duty-free allowance in front of HM Customs Officer, only to discover a near-full bottle of spirits in the top of his bag as he opens it......

    Least amusing moments included:
    - trying to play the pipes, in the blazing sun, at an airshow, with a screaming hangover.

    - missing my chance with this gorgeous Glasgow piper (she was cute) because I was hauling my completely-rubbered oppo out of the night club where he had collapsed.
  11. Strange world - this thread has lain dormant for ages - and now, Mount St Helens like - springs to life.....

    It was 1988-1992 I had the fun of 'the Corps' - both the adj and LH (the aforementioned legend in his own lifetime) were definitely characters.

    Shame the Barrel Race has gone - that was a spectacle and a fecking hard run to boot.

    The diameter of the issue TOS only got a little bit better by the way.

    I missed the Jura camp but had a similar one on Lewis where the exercises were run across the lands of an ex CO - one of the 'of that ilk' types.

    Aaahh happy days.
    Now I am just a crusty old git!

    Edit:- had a major typo - had it as 1988-2002 instead of 1992.
  12. yep, after Jura we invaded the Isle of White for the next years annual camp.

    I'm sure it was so that we could bring some diversity to the gene pool, because there was bugger all else that was a success 8O
  13. ^ L-G
    Since corrected it - but I had a typo (a brain-freeze more like)
    in the post above I had my time there as 1988-2002 - which would have made for a very long and distinuished OTC career :lol:

    it was in fact 1988-1992

    Humble apologies for any confusion caused! 8O
  14. Ah Larry Healy.. Now he is a leg-end!!! I remember being there as he retired.. What a guy!!
  15. Surely to god there are some GSUOTC and ex-GSUOTC folks out there....

    all the others seem well represented and GSUOTC lags behind.....

    where the f*ck are you all?

    - admittedly my GSUOTC days were quite (ahem) some time ago now... but it made me the sheep-worrier I am today.