Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity

    don't laugh.. Hasbro and Paramount Pictures are pushing this as the ' updated' GIJoe stuff [ film to come out in 2009 -now 'lensing' in a warehouse not far from my house ]

    according to insiders The GIJOE will be a" multi-national force which will battle Cobra which is "- Get This-
    " an evil organization headed by a double-crossing Scottish arms dealer" [ i.e. Cobra Commander ]

    seems that some geeks are miffed that the " real American hero " has been downgraded to a generic western [ Euro-based ] good guy of undetermined nationality..

    guess with the drop in US dollar's value, they got to hedge their bets on where the theatre and DVD sales will come from..

    just hope the weapons, gear and other toys are still ' kule '.[ i.e. lethal and not non-killing type stuff.. things just got to blow up real good or its not worht the price of the popcorn. IMHO anyway ]
  2. GI Joe was always a screaming queer anyway. Wet his pants at the first sign of combat and wouldn't know how to take Sindy roughly up the Gary Glitter.

    Action Man was the real hero. You knew that a night on the razz with him was why Tiny Tears was crying.

    Septic pish!
  3. I hope we win :twisted: What an utter load of septic shite!
  4. Another nail in the coffin of quality entertainment! :roll:

    Never mind the great American public will probably be assuaged by the ending over the film by the rescuing of GIJOE by the heroic ARSE (American Special Ranger Executive) or some such bollox.
  5. Action Man would easily have butt-stroked GI Joe into oblivion with his trusty SLR (with the barrel that always snapped off) and any two items from the Operations Kit Bag before having it away on his heels using the Wermacht uniform you could get for £2.99 and 2 stars.
  6. Action Man was the daddy - he had the moving commando eyes, a Para jump tower and a Scorpion all of his own - enough said.

    (optional REME accessory pack required to get it to go anywhere)

    Edited Chieftain to Scorpion, I stand corrected, it was my mate who had one, not me - flash git. I had the Para jump tower though, quality bit of kit, especially for when my sister's Sindy's decided to end it all with the attached rope ("cry for help" and all that :twisted: )
  7. I wonder if GI Jane appears as a love interest and will she be the section bike?? :?
  8. I thought Action Man had a Scorpion, not a Chieftan - well, mine did anyway.
  9. Definitely a Scorpion. In a strange example of life imitating art my toy Scorpion threw it's tracks as often as the CVR(T)'s in BATUS did. Weird.
    I'm a little confused as to the failure to include a useful list of excuses for Action Man to read out on said failure.
    "It was like that when I got it."
    "Yes Sir, I've been fam'd"
    "Wasn't me and you can't prove it!"
    "What does NM&D mean?"
  10. what changed with actionman? He became terrible when he lost his fussy hair. Now its all bright orange quad bikes and harpoon guns. He sold out and got all american.
  11. Just like real life!! I think there's a Jeremy Kyle action figure about to be produced to which Action Man can bleat about sponging off the state and drinking tins of stella on street corners.
    How times change.......