G Glitter has heart trembler.......................

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Baseplate, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. 'InTheNews.co.uk
    Glam rock star Gary Glitter has reportedly suffered a heart attack in the Vietnamese jail where he is serving a sentence for child abuse. ...'

    More detail on Sky and BBC News
  2. Hopefully its very painful and lasts for weeks before killing the creature
  3. well thats a shame, die you degenerate scum bag!
    no further comment need.
  4. poor man

    I really hope he doesnt die

    I hope he lives for a very very long time

    as an old and feeble person who pisses and shits on himself constantly

    and is constant pain
  5. Elvis - Frank Sinatra - Marc Bolan -
    singing ''Do you wanna be in our gang'' :D
  6. More likely he'll be singing a duet with Myra Hindley! :twisted:
  7. Agreed! Dying before completion of sentence is beating the system, and where he is, as a westerner, probably a blessed relief!

    May he live long and suffer hard!
  8. I hope it is ruled he is too ill to be moved and the Vietnamese keep him under lock and key until the Grim Reaper visits.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    As long as he is not having a knee trembler...
  10. Its about time it happened to somebody who deserved it.
  11. There is a wonderful drug called strong potassium chloride that will help his ailing ticker................or maybe not :twisted:

  12. If he is I hope its his last one.
  13. If her were enjoying himself at our expense in a British open prison, I'd be all for offing the fecker. Since he's languishing in a Vietnamese prison, I'd rather he lives on in pain until ohhh, say 2 days prior to release.
  14. Oh c'mon!! The mans a genius!! Who ever heard 'Rock and Roll Parts one and two'? Jeez give the bloke a break!!
  15. Beat me to it! :D