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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by grumpy1, Feb 11, 2005.

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  1. Anybody tell me if there is a web site where I can see all the NATO format filing letter/number combinations and there contents?
  2. One version that came from the ATRA Portal: http://www.atranet.dii.r.mil.uk/Structure/Atra_Hand_Book/index.htm

    G1 Personnel
    G2 Intelligence and Security
    G3 Operations, O&D and Training
    G4 Service Support
    G5 Civil Affairs and Public Relations
    G6 Communications and MIS
    G7 Future Development
    G8 Plans, Resources and Finance
    G9 Civilian Management and Budgets

    This is obviously only a top level view, but should help you to get started.
  3. And "G10" is where you keep all the kit :lol:
  4. As at Sep 04.

    In place for all LAND units.

    G1 – Personnel and Administration
    G2 – Intelligence and Security
    G3 – Operations
    G4 – Logistics
    G5 – Plans and Policy
    G6 – Communications and Information Systems
    G7 – Doctrine and Training
    G8 – Resources and Finances
    G9 – Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC)

    Apart from the obvious differences (G3 Trg is absorbed into G7, along with Force Dev and doctrine, etc etc), the other main change is that every staff officer will only have one piece of branch nomenclature i.e. SO2 G1, SO1 G4 Log/Plans, SO2 G6 IM etc etc.
  5. There is also the "J" for Joint 8)
  6. Grumpy, be aware that our nomenclature contains several exceptions from the STANAGs, particularly in the G1 area.

    With regard to GP3's unusually pointless post, you can indeed prefix 'J' for 'Joint' operations, but I assumed that by asking on ARRSE, you wanted a peculiarly Army spin. For the record, you could also affix 'A' for Air Operations and 'N' for our bell-bottomed chums. :D
  7. Point taken - should have elaborated like your goodself - I shall now return to my Bunny Hole :oops:
  8. Ducati is quite right - you could try NATO Site and type 'Staff Branch nomenclature' into the Search Engine.

    I did, and got loads of info about 'Solid State Chemistry' in Novosibirsk! I wonder if the same IT geeks were responsible for the Defence Intranet? :D
  9. Calypso,
    Many thanks, just what the Dr ordered :lol: