G.D on gaps and tafs

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bullet-magnet, Oct 31, 2005.

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  1. what are ppls thoughts on newly trained people going on tafs and gaps to help and learn. i was told by a old boy its not worth it. but i think it would be great for me to learn more.
  2. not a bad idea old lad as some senior recruits cutting about the place can have the right effect on the new joes just in the swim, however, you should be concentrating on your trade at this point. In my unit it takes most new recruits a life time to get through TAFS,CMSR and Gaps and the hirearchy are usually falling over themselves for the man power, so they tend to get the arrse when new guys want to keep running on the recruit side of life (which they all do). If you feel you need to learn more have a word with your training wing cpl or SPSI - they will answer any questions you have. :lol:
  3. thanks dude. wasthinking i hade the fresh stuff in my head mite be good to use it as im waitingto b trained
  4. Trained in English?

    In all seriousness, our unit encourages recruits to come along on weekend training. Although there are some things that they can't do (e.g. shooting) there are many things that they can and it starts the experiance/bonding process earlier. It also stops them getting cheesed off doing the 24 hour clock, when the lads are away at the ranges.

    We had a couple of guys as ammo b1tches on FIBUA. They loved it and it saved us from having to re-bomb as many mags :D
  5. well i mean going on gaps and tafs as ive done them all i can assist. gaps 4 theres always a need for enemys and bodys. im typing at work so spelling aint great as i have to do it hidden
  6. Depends on the loading of the weekends. On our TAF/GAP cycles, us DS normally outnumber the newbies 2 to 1!

    Having more enemy on GAP4 is always useful though.
  7. Tut Tut Tiffy... He who is without sin living in a greenhouse and all that...
  8. Well spotted. Have 10 "I'm an an@l tw@t" points.

    It was but a typo. Something which, I am sure, we can all be excused of (now and again :wink: ).
  9. GD means general duties - its just that - the more bods around to help with humping and dumping leaves the instructors to concentrate on what they need to do and the recruits not to get messed around. Having the same people to do GDs on a regular basis also helps as they get to know the system and can be of real benefit to the team.

    What you get out of it is - seeing how things work behind the scenes, see what actually goes into the organisation of these weekends (I know of a regular GD person that has been a real asset). Then if in the future you are an instructor you'll already understand the workings of the weekend.

    If you get used as an extra to make up a section/play enemy/ help with a lesson, that is just an opportunity for you to learn/refresh your own skills.

    You only volunteer though so don't put a GD weekend before your own training at Sqn or trade training - or if you're getting a hard time at home for being away too often.

    As for the old boy who said it isn't worth it - has he been on one of these weekends lately?
  10. thanks sumone on my side for it.