G. Brown - The Soviet Agent

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smallbore, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. A story is unfolding. The short version;

    An old KGB agent's diary is translated into English. From it we learn the Labour party was run from the Kremlin. Two Labour party members - under the control of Moscow- give Gordon Brown his safe seat.

    I know it is the Daily Wail but; Linky

    "The decision to give the young Scotsman his first and only safe seat, Dunfermline East, was made by two TGWU senior officials - one of them was Jack Jones, the other the drunken Alec Kitson. Both were friends of the Kremlin."

    (Friends my arse - more like paid lovers.)

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1225637/How-Kremlin-hijacked-Labour-Diary-Kremlin-insider-reveals-hold-Soviets-Labour-politicians.html#ixzz0WE7FdzPc

    If this is true the Monocular Caledonian Mentalist is facing treason charges ?

    Either way - it explains a lot about him. Now his actions make sense.
  2. I wonder what said 'Soviet Agents' remit would be, after the collapse of the USSR? Or do you think he works for Medvedev now?

    I agree that G.B. is an absolute tosser but I think it is more from his own myopic uselessness rather than active treason. This is very interesting news however, a lot of unanswered questions about the Labour Party and the intelligence services of other countries!

    The link between G.B. and the Kremlin would appear to be tenuous unless any more evidence were to arise, however - just because the 2 blokes working for the Kremlin were responsible for him going for the seat he did, is not to say that he himself had contact with the USSR's agents or knew that they did?

    Or, can he still be accused of treason even if he was unknowing of what had gone on?
  3. An interesting bit of history, which is just that. Another interesting bit of history is that the Daily Mail enthusiastically supported the Nazis, which does not mean, of course, that it still does....
  4. Exactly, I think all of these 'Communist subversion of the UK by Labour Party pollies' threads that rock up all the time fail to acknowledge one stark truth:

    There isn't a Soviet Union any longer! Much less a Comintern! What does a 'Communist agent' do once the cause he's meant to be serving has imploded?

    Unless of course these posters think that a resurgent Russian Federation, i.e. in the Putin years, has 'done a China' (divorced the political from the economic in the way that Gorbachev never did, allowing capitalist economics but still going for strong centralised personality-cult dominated governance, as seen by clampdown on media, oligarchs and installing his siloviki all over the shop) - discuss.

    But that would be a bit too much like equating the RF with a reborne USSR for me, and that would be a bit too 'New Cold War' and xenophobic for my liking. M'eh.
  5. Do you seriously believe that explains anything? Post-hoc nonsense would be my view.

    The Labour party obviously rose from the idea of socialism. However, the Labour Party of today has as much to do with the Labour Party of the past, as the Conservative party of today does with the Conservative Party of the past.
  6. So it's perfectly OK that our Prime Minister began his political career in the pay of a hostile foreign power bent on destroying our democracy from within? This doesn't cause you doubts about who else he may have sold himself to in exchange for political power?

    Even though the USSR has ceased to exist by name, its ideology survived and mutated through people like Foot, Kinnock and Brown. What we see today from Labour (and the EU) is not Communism as we were taught to recognise it, but something new and nameless that shares the communist values of authoritarianism and social repression.
  7. Of course it's not OK, but niether is it relevant. Brown's actions since he gained a position of power 12 years ago, have nothing to do with the former USSR. They have everything to do with him being a stupid, arrogant, deluded, cowardly, lying, trecherous CNUT of the highest order. :x
  8. :eek: ...nope.

    :crash: ...closer, but no.

    :rofl: perfect!
  9. Studentfeckwit, if he knowingly was in the pay of a foreign power then agreed, I'd say get him up there answering charges. However, was he knowingly in the service of a foreign power, or is he just guilty by association - he is Labour, and other Labour Party pollies were taking money from the KGB.

    I honestly don't know the extent of the link between them, and I'm willing to bet neither do you. It will no doubt be interesting to see what falls out of these latest developments that the Mail is reporting on, however.

    I am tempted to agree with Werewolf on this one - Brown is a cock and has fecked up the country no end, but until a link can be properly established backed by evidence - I'm going to say he fecked the country up based on his own dismal performance or lack thereof, rather than so we could become the satellite state of a no-longer-existent USSR.
  10. Orold Wilson had a better pedigree,
    gave the RR Nene to Uncle Joe
    Then built the Cheap merchant ships for Poland that allowed the Gdansk yards to build Assault Ships for Warpac.
  11. Haven't you lot seen The Manchurian Candidate?

    Agent Gordoom is obviously a long term, Spetsnaz sleeper. The country is going to rat sh1t because Gord spends all day playing solitaire on his office PC. When he turns over the Queen of Diamonds, a dusty, long forgotten, 8 track tape player in the basement of the former Soviet Embassy in London will start working.

    The hotline on Gordon's desk will ring and the 8 track will play a message that will trigger long dormant, subconscious programming that was implanted into the Prime Mentalists during brainwashing sessions while he was studying at the Brezhniev School of Beauty Therapy at the University of Moscow during his gap year.

    On hearing the message, the PMs good eye will glaze over and he'll switch to autopilot to attack his assigned target. Staggering out of Downing Street, bumping in to things and oblivious to his surroundings - pretty much standard procedure for Gordon so nobody at No 10 will suspect a thing.

    Hopefully his mission will involve an exploding suicide vest and a long deserted, Cold War base like Greenham Common.
  12. That's more than a slight exageration. It's a well-known fact that certain bodies in the Labour Party had been infiltrated by Communist fellow-travellers (mainly through trade union affiliations) and Trotskyite entrists, and in some areas such members exercised a degree of influence over the selection of parliamentary and local government candidates. Whilst this means that such people would have naturally looked favourably on candidates they believed to be more left-wing than the norm, it does not mean that the candidates themselves were communists or even aware of the involvement of entrists in their selection.

    Considering that Kinnock was instrumental in rooting out and closing the door to entrists and that New Labour introduced changes to the Party's structure and selection procedures to ensure a centrist rather than left bias, as well as the fact that Foot, whilst certainly left-wing, was opposed to totalitarianism and the ideology of the USSR, your assertions are ridiculous. This is an old story, reported in the usual Daily Mail fashion.

    And, no, I'm not a Labour voter. But this kind of stuff is just lazy, designed to influence people's opinions in the most insidious way - akin to painting all Tories as closet Nazis / hooray henries / sexual deviants.

    I sincerely hope you're not studying politics or philosophy...
  13. Soviet agent - always possible, but highly unlikely. It would be more plausible if the KGB had identified him as lacking in leadership skills, and deliberately steered him into a safe Labour seat in order to keep out a better candidate. I wonder who the other candidates were, and if they ever managed to get Labour Party sponsorship anywhere else. I would like to doubt that the KGB did not have that level of control over Britain during the Cold War, but truth is stranger than fiction.
  14. This is a real hoot :lol:

    I have a picture in my mind, and it ain't pretty....Gordy is Putin's rent boy....ouch :twisted:

    I suppose the report came from 1 of those so called Kremlinoligists...haha...Condi Rice was 1 of those for Bush Snr, and she got it wrong too :lol:

    Erm, have I been in a catatonic state :? Last time I looked the CCCP went out with Gorbachev nearly 2 decades ago
  15. Jesus Wedge, you are arguing that Brown has made this much of a mess and it really is accidental are you?
    At least if Brown was a Communist agents his fook ups would make sense, if he isn't it means he really is a certifiable lunatic with a god complex...... :D