G Brown – the Order of the White Feather

At the time it was debatable as to who was the worst PM since the war - Wilson or Heath.

However, in the eyes of Tam Dalyell – a committed and well respected Labour MP – Blair has certainly been worse than either which is no mean feat.

Brown is intent on worsting Blair and in the light of his recent behaviour he seems to be succeeding.

Does he merit white feathers as a reward?
Provided there are several thousand and they are attached to the wings we fit on the sod before we boot him off Beachy Head.......
The one eye'd man from the planet crab is currently jutting his chin out and staring at us all with a vacant expression.

When cyclops makes his move expect the entire Forces community to be bought off with long overdue cash injection.

That we're currently seeing the odd £400 mil here, £500 mil there basically amounts to Mr Money bags handing around a few £50 pound notes. It's a sweetner.

I personally won't be voting for consistency in this countries government during War time unless they can dump a loot bag of an additional... oh, I don't know... £7.68 billion for 2008 alone. That should buy a few more tins of blue paint.

Just incase you're looking in Party spin moguls... my price is a guarnteed increase of £7.68 billion, in used notes, dominations lower than £50!!!
Hmmm.... using the word 'Cyclops' in the post above reminded me of the first delivery of the first Challenger I to the boar @ 17th/21st Lancers in Osnabruk, turn up at port for pick up and the bloody thing didn't fit the transporter.

Don't ask me why this sprung to mind... I think it must spring from the latest photo op of one eye'd broon in Iraq.
Tam seems to have got very bitter and twisted after serving with the Cavalry, some would say that's understandable :D

...and did his National Service with the Royal Scots Greys from 1950 to 1952 - as an ordinary trooper, after failing his officer training
ViolentBadger said:
Tam seems to have got very bitter and twisted after serving with the Cavalry, some would say that's understandable :D
Some would indeed say so... and they'd be on the PMC's chit ;)
...... Unless: Tam's Wiki is your initial hand?!! In which case... well done that man (he says before reading any of it!!) ;)
JoseyWales said:

They are in my posts above mate - there was some serious sh1t for years about the ' Belgrano ' episode.

I wonder who was behind that..!
Yar.... I shall eyeball it now... comming from Gods Own Country it's, "must read!!"


As for the Belgrano... hold that thought... but i'll say just now considering the ordinance available at the time in that submerged tin can... the world is lucky that we're the professionals ;)
JoseyWales said:

I can't argue with the fact he did his National Sevice - his politics were quite the opposite.

I was just highlighting the facts that a)He has served in the Armed forces, something that makes him almost an imaginary creature in the modern Labour party in Parliament and b) He's ALWAYS opposed sending British forces into harm's way. Which makes him even more of a rarity in the modern Labour party in Parliament. Regardless of his beliefs he actually has an opinion that lasts longer than the next opinion poll, which makes him even more of a rarity in Parliament as a whole.
Got to agree with you there, Kit. Some of us are forever decrying the fact that we have a parliament packed with faceless lobby-fodder and long for some principled representation. I agree with very little that used to come out from Tony Benn or Maggie (or Tam Dalyell for that matter) but they had guts and principles and they stood by them.

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