G- 8 - Big Boys in Scotland..

well the big shots that run the world are meeting in Scotland, play a little golf and discuss how to help the disaster that is Africa climb out from under abject poverty and idsease.. the big thing on the table is just how much cash should be shoved at the place..
canada is being dumped on by many , including professional bleeding heart Sir Bob Geldorf, who has given up singing for whining, because, although a former Prime minister, Leset B. Pearson once saiod we should be coughing up 0.7% GNP to help out.. we're kicking in somewhere around 0.25 or something..[ yeah, pitiful, admittedly..]

Anyway, the economic wonderkinds are screaming that giving the ' required' amount will wipe out our economic surplus and ruin our economy making us no good to anyone, etc..

Well. figures don't lie do they?

Right now we're kicking in 28 cents our of every $ 100 to meet our ' traget' we'd have to up it to 70 cents out of every $ 100... Gee miserly us..

on the other hand..in 1998, sub-Saharan Africa received $ 17 billion in foreign aid and, in that same year, sub-Saharan Africa [ excluding South Africa ] spent $ 15 billion on weapons [ no word on if the other two mil all went into secret bank accounts for the likes of robert Mugabe and other leaders ]..

anyway.. have things got better, or will they, so that if I dig deep and put my 70 cents on the table it will really help combat AIDS, hunger, poverty, fund jobs and education and do all the good stuff Sir Bob wants it to do, or will I be helping to buy teflon bullets for freedom fighter/rebels, insurrectionist/dissidents or government/military forces...??

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