Günter Grass describes his life in the Waffen SS

FluffyBunny said:
HH Kirst's books about Gunner Asch are quite good, in a "WW2 from the other side" sort of way.
Actually, FluffyBunny, the expression "Schütze Arsch" means somebody who's always unlucky enough to be dicked for the most difficult/lowliest jobs - a sort of dependable idiot.

Hans-Helmut Kirst (in contrast to Grass) also introduced the expression "08/15" into the German language. As in: "How's things?" - Wie läuft's? And the answer is "08/15" (nullachtfünfzehn); in other words "depressingly normal" or "same old, same old. It's also the title of one of his books and a filum made about it. Well worth a read and a watch, although I don't know if they're available in English.



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Schleswig-Holstein said:
Reads a little like George MacDonald Fraser's tales of his war in Burma. A severe lack of glamour, but chilling stuff.
I got to disagree. The Tin Drum is weird and fascinating, but not warm or funny.

One of the wifes old relatives served in Burma in Probyns Horse and he put me onto Macdonald Frasers writing. we both found it funny and informative for the most part.

As for what anyone would have done had you been German back in the day? Ressurect a nation or get shot in the head. Tough one.

*EDIT* If you like eels, dont read the Tin Drum. Just a tip.
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