Discussion in 'RAC' started by BarceBandit, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Any info please. We are on a memory jog! Any one know anything about Fylingdales in WW2? I'm sure we went there from Catterick to gunnery range to fire from Churchills. I can't recall a RAF station there at the time and I understand that RAF Fylingdales 'Golf-Ball' station was built in 1962.
    I know the moors cover a lot of land and has anyone seen shot up tanks still there?
  2. Live reasonably close and can say that if there are any tanks left up there, they'll be radioactive by now!

    Drove past there once and my electric windows started to go down 8O
  3. Yes, Fylingdale Moor was used as a trainingarea and gunnery range from WW11 through the 1950s.

    Official History from Crab Air

    I don't know anything else but a few hours on GOOGLE should sort you out.
  4. The Old Man was a Park Ranger with a remit for that particular area. Having wandered about with him on a number of occasions, I think I'm right in saying that, apart from a quantity of 5.5" blinds there's nothing much left. There is a small piece of hardstanding at GR SE 941997 Clicky-link-thing that Dad told me was a firing point.

    Barce, did you do any training in the Helmsley area? There are still a few Nissen Huts lying about in the woods north of the town, and ISTR tales of a Churchill stuck in a deep gully in that area.
  5. I get up there occasionally and I know a few lads that work there so I'll ask if anyone has any info.
  6. I've walked that area and seen the old hard standings still there in the woods, no nissen huts. Wasn't it used by 79 Armd. div before D Day? any likely locations for the Churchill?
  7. CloudBuster, No, no training in Helmsley area, just shoots at Fylingdales, went on specialist training at 'Barnsley Mining and Tech. Colledge!!!!!!!'
    (don't ask) then on to Lulworth Gunnery School. I was at 57th.(Heavy) Training Regt, Waitwith Lines, Catterick.
  8. went there a few years back near to where the nissan huts are and yes there is a shot up tank turret there not a churchill tho

    as soon as i find out how to uploads pics i will send :x
  9. ........there is also a concrete road going through a farm to the nissan huts which is undoubtably a military road made for heavy tanks, trucks ect
  10. My uncle has had a farm up near there for years, i wil try to make contact to see if he knows any thing. I have another uncle who is a postie in the area, same detail, wait out
  11. Let me clarify this, we were shooting FROM churchills not at em!!!
    We were a Curchill training regiment!!
  12. Putteees! Yes, Guilty, I wrote the 'Jinx Tank' 337313EX!!!! for a news paper competition, using facts and myths from my service. Even had a query from Boss at Bovvy as he knew nothing about the final death!!!!
    That's me on front of pic.
  13. what ever tank it is, its got holes in it :p

    If you pm me you email i can send them that way then you could post them, just cant seem to post pics on my comp.