FYI: Legal definition of a racist incident

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, Feb 23, 2005.

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  1. I know that this has been treated before, but I have recently found the exact piece of secondary leglislation which defines it:

    [Home Office] Code of Practice on reporting and recording racist incidents in response to recommendation 15 of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report
  2. Stoatman, thanks for this I find it quite informative. Without looking I assume this is the full text of the definition.

    There are a couple of point to note:

    A little bit of wooly thinking here. If it is reported to an organisation that is registered with the authorities even as liason then it is declared a crime and will need to be investigated.

    Isn't there at least one missing here :?:
  3. how about, Irishman plants IED or shoots english soldier because,....he's english!

    surely that's racist! (but i'm certain some leftie will explain why i'm wrong - again!)
  4. There we have it , only white christians are racist :roll:
  5. All communities seem at liberty to dislike others, for example the sikhs and muslims are always at each others throats, but it seems only when a white man is accused it is racist.
  6. I can't think of a more effective formula for stirring up racial resentment than to encourage some people to haul others in front of a magistrate because of their asserted "perception" that they were subjected to some racially-inspired aggression, not otherwise punishable, or not otherwise so severely punishable.

    You couldn't ask for a better way of splitting up a nation into mutually antagonistic groups.

    The people behind this never tire of proclaiming their allegedly noble intentions.

    Watch what they do, not what they say.
  7. Nice find stoatman.

  8. Having been attached to a Scottish Infantry Battalion, who, on ops and tours, were possibly the most professional unit I have ever worked for, I suffered racial abuse for being English. When i complained (foolishly going through the units own Equal Opportunities system) only to get a senior member of that Battalion telling me that 'You are not black so we are not being racist you English C*nt'

    This is not an anti Scottish Tirade, please do not mis-read this, but an example of how people percieve what is racist and what is permissable.
  9. The problem is, as your wholly commendable account of a 'racist incident' as defined by ACPO states, if ANYONE at the scene of an incident declares any part of said incident to be 'racist' then it is deemed to be such. This then complicates an otherwise fair and unbiased investigation into becoming an investigation into which every one has a vested interest, especially any senior management looking for a scapegoat to aid his/her/its promotion.

    Separate legislation for race highlights only our divisions and the very roots of racism on all parts. The law should not only be based in 'blind justice' but also 'colour blind justice'

    cor! it's a long way down from this high horse!
  10. One of the major conclusions of the Macpherson report is that the police should end colour-blind policing and recognise the different cultural experiences of different races in the UK... This was one of the more obnoxious conclusions :evil: