FYB is shit

Where the Admins type with their fists after a few cans of special brew? Appears pretty active mind, with 1,968 people happy to "1. New recruits enlist: Introduce yourself to the brotherhood by uploading a photo of yourself in uniform or military insignia and provide your name, rank, and the first 4 digits of your number only." in the last 30 days. Does Final RV know CFAVs get army numbers?
I was invited to it by a mate and so got a trial period. It appears there is a considerable amount of "Queensmaning" where everyone is accused of walting. I didn't bother to join.
Ah, but there reel sojers on their, innit? Got the guns an' all...


I have noticed lately that FYB is getting pretty ******* dull. Rehashed memes, advertising for tax rebates that anyone with two braincells could do for free and the utter circle jerk that is "top fans".

Some of the mongs on there bitch and whine about arrse being nothing but banging on about slrs. At least you can get a spot of conversation on here as unfortunately the terminal spastics that have taken up there are incapable of writing anything longer than 10 words or posting any old shit picture.

FYB actually served a purpose at one point but it now seems to only exist on everyone's perceived self importance. Oh and Alfie is a shitcunt who deletes his posts when they look like they were drawn in crayon.
If only FYB had been around in the days of the deepcut sniper

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