FY1/FY2 RAMC training questions

Hiya - I'm a 4th year medical student and I'm seriously considering joining the RAMC when I finish medical school. I have a couple questions that if anyone can help answer I'd be most appreciative!

1. At what stage can I join the RAMC (i.e. do I have to complete FY1/FY2 first or can I join before FY1)?

2. Which hospitals currently offer military training/postings? How much competition is there for training slots?

3. At what point does one get to specialise and how much freedom do you get in choosing your specialty?

Many thanks in advance!
1. As far as I am aware if you have not completed a medical cadetship you will not be offered a place for foundation year training in the Defence Postgraduate Medical Deanery (DPMD). Thus you will have to apply to join after FY2.
2. Foundation Year training is offered at RCDM (QEH Birmingham) / West Midlands Deanery and the MDHUs: Frimley Park, Portsmouth, Derriford (Plymouth), Northallerton, Peterborough. A larger number of the civilian deaneries are options for speciality training, but this varies by speciality - for example EM training this year is only available for military applications in Oxford, London, East Mids, Northern, SE Scotland
3. Specialisation comes following 2-3 years as a GDMO. Currently training posts are limited and heavily over-subscribed. The 2013 options and numbers of places for speciality training for the army are as follows: ACCS EM (3), Anaesthetics (4), Radiology (1), Core Medical (6), Core Surgical (6), GP (20), Psychiatry (2), Public Health (1).

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