Fvck about factor?

I've been in the TA for a while, and joined to make that leap from something civi to something vaguely military to "test the waters" as it were before I decided to go regular or not, that was some time ago....

The main thing stopping me is the (possibly warped) perception that the TA might have given me with its feck around factor, by this I mean quality of training, on the bus off the bus attitude, it never seems solid or planned, and when it is planned, that soon goes out of the window just as everyone gets into gear for the plan and eventually come back from training hacked off having not got a great deal of value from the whole shebang!

I appreciate that a lot of planning for exercises and training is done by people like myself with day jobs and lives outside of the TA, but its something that has had me toying with the idea of jacking it in for some months.

Are the regulars like this? (Obviously every job is to some extent) but because this is peoples daily jobs, surely it can't be so much of a mess around EVERY time you're doing some sort of training.....?

Any thoughts would be welcomed, as this is the thing that is worrying me the most regards going regular, as I know if was like the TA is, there's not a chance I'd enjoy it!
To some extent there is alot of fannying about, but in general I find it quite well organised in the regs, too much hurry up and wait though. Our LAD seems to be fcuked about an awful lot though, but generally speaking i have not experienced much of it myself. But that is only my experience (8 yrs) but I'm sure others would have had a mare of a time!
Yes, plans are soluble in contact with soldiers...

At the end of the day, you know what your fcuk-about tolerance is. In the TA you are fcuked about by gifted amateurs but in the regular Army, fcuking about could be raised to new levels of professionalism! However the level of self-fulfilment and satisfaction goes up too, as does the challenge.

If you are motivated by challenge and self-realisation more than you are demotivated by apparent wilful badgering around, then go for it. If not, sack the idea. I say apparent because most of the badgering around is not intentional. There is always a little bit of the "Are the men happy Sgt Major? Yes? Well bugger them around a bit - on the truck, off the truck". However a good CofC tends to minimise the impact on the broadest parts of the pyramid, with instead harrassed looking OCs, CSMs and Captains and Sgts bimbling around muttering dark oaths.
Hmm maybe a bit more investigation required then, I think I'm just putting barriers in my own way to some extent, and I should crack on and get on with it.

Thanks for the replies I'm glad to hear it doesn't sound like the TA.
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