Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ex-Scaley, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Bit of a left-field question - Withams I hear have some '439's for sale - can anyone tell me what type / make of generator they're fitted with ?

    The vehicles are pretty much complete in excellent condition !
  2. Onan 3.5's at a guess, I'm sure thats what the one outside the museum has
  3. AFV 439 at the museum? Sob! What next? Bruin?
  4. Walked in recently and saw not only Bruin Bid 200's (Ahhh... the happy days at 22 Sigs pre Ptarmigan) but a set up Bid 610's... Loved chatting to the WAFS doing crypto changes from Belize... Who needs the interweb when you've got lovely ladies in blue on a dedicated line!
    ***Slaps self....*** Just goes to show how lonely Belize got if you didn't go round tha back at Raul's Rose Garden!

  5. Not sure if they were fitted with Onan 3.5KVa's - on the SAS/MC they were fairly modern units (for 1985) IIRC, but the Radio Relay wagons were probably fitted with Onans.
    As for the Wavell buses, goodness knows - big buggers I'd guess!
  6. The 439 for sale on withams web site are SAS/MCs. They have a 3KW gene supplying 28v DC. Some of the newer Relays also have the same gene configuration as the SAS only supplying 28v instead of the 3 1/2 KVAs. Talk about taking fcuking liberties!!
  7. Knew it was something different - I had a fire on a SAS/MC once - Ex Reforger 96 or 97 - some one had decided that a piece of oil soaked canvas would be a good idea to cover up the fuel storage bins on top (it wasn't always oil/diesel soaked of course), one back fire later on the gene, and one of the RR crew kindly popped his head in to tell me the wagon was on fire! Popped the fire extinguisers manually, no joy (the fire wasn't in the gene housing), so had to go out and do the biz with a BCF.

    Luckily, I wasn't the det cdr (I was di**ed to go on the det for the duration of the ex), so didn't have to write all the reports!
  8. Somebody feel free to drag that sorry piece of crap away! Bloody disgrace.... outrage, outrage, moan, moan! In fairness, it's not too much the fault of the museum. The bloody thing is not on "the list" so the REME won't touch it (with a view to moving it), so it can't be towed away for respray. H&S dictates that no "civvy" is allowed to paint it where it is in case they accidentally drink the IR black etc etc. Catch 22!

    ....and breathe! 8O
  9. It has been dragged away and is now being used as a 'Gate Guardian' at Stafford isn't it?
  10. Nope, still there as of yesterday evening! Snuffle. Should look great.... just in dire need of some TLC.
  11. Damn, that means there's two!!!! Wonder where the one at Stafford came from - Ashchurch i guess.
  12. Being used as a gate guardian for that well known armoured Regt!!! 22 Sigs....I think a wheelie relay would be far more suitable!
  13. As a holder of an 'H' licence I can verify that BRUIN 439's were fitted with twin 3.5kva Onans behind the commanders hatch which made them too lopsided for swimming so the flotation screens and plate were removed, also way back in the mists of time (72 - 75) there was an armoured troop at 22 Sigs which IIRC provided comms for a boxhead armoured brigade.