Following a link from another thread on Signals Forum, I found this picture on the Royal Corps of Signals Museum site.

Apparently it is an FV436, but I think it actually looks like something else. Anyone care to comment?
spent many a year on 436 's , and thats not one !! ( where is the quad cable connections on the side ? ) And I'm only an Sapper !
Looks more like a 439, but more likely an electronic warfare variant of the 43 series. Any wobbly heads care to comment?
I'd say it was a AFV 436 Radio Relay, as far as I can remember all ptmargian signal veh's regardless of its use was classed as a 436


Regardless of what veh Wavell, SAS/MC or Radio Relay it was classed as a AFV 439. However this aint no Ptarmigan Veh I've ever seen. If you look at the size of the mast it's huge and wrong side for a relay. Scam 70ft maybe?? one gene? does look like the cable frames on the left hand side. Maybe some spec veh (EW??) or a shite representation.
The FV 430 series includes the following, all using the same base chassis.

FV 431 Armoured load carrier, never produced.
FV 432 Armoured Personnel Carrier/ Command variants also exist in similar configurations to FV 436
FV 433 Abbot self propelled gun
FV 434 REME Maintenance Carrier with Hydraulically driven Crane
FV 435 (designation not used)
FV 436 Command and control
FV 437 (designation not used)
FV 438 Swingfire Missile
FV 439 Signals vehicle - many variants

Google's my friend
Looks like an attempt to model one of the Vampire converted 432's that 14 Sigs were equipped with for Op Granby - first time the British Army had put armoured EW kit into the field. I don't think they received any particular designation - they were bog standard FV432, so there were none of the quad connectors on either side, nor the armoured bin on the back for the various other kinds of comms hardwiring on the outside.

Hope that helps
That is not a Sigs RR panzer..I should know

It looks to me like a 432 with a fcuk off big pencil on the roof, RR panzers had the mast located centraly for the sole purpose of having even more clutter to catch your cam net in...oh how I used to love doing that, 2am just got into loc..wet tired cold, no night vision then some prat comes along and tells you to cam up and do it with your webbing on and carrying your rifle...joyous
Why did we ever bother to cam up? all the soxmis had to do was follow the lorry delivering the porta bogs...mmmmmmmm comradeski why do you think they are delivering 5 porta bogs to the top of a deserted hill, ah comrade ivanov, thats easy, comcen yankee are on the move and they are shit
The vehicle in question is a FV432 with a one off EW retrofit for the Gulf back in 1991. I know because i was part of the team doing the fit and it was a pain in the arse...pmsl.
Hi all - and RTG here who's only just rejoined the site. Saw this thread and it set me off thinking. I was at Paderborn in the old 202 (33 Armd Bde) Sig Sqn in the days when the FV432's we had were actually younger than those driving them - not twice the age !

I've kinda lost touch with what the Corps is using now - but have heard FV435 / FV436 mentioned alongside the usual '432 and '439.

Without going into too much detail how the **** does an old boy like me tell them apart ?!

Are the '439 still Relay vehicles ?


ex-Scaley said:
Biffta112 said:
Its from 14 sigs, 245.
Is that the model posted on the original thread ?

What about the vehicle in the second photo I posted ?

And this one ?
Looks like an Armoured SAS/MC to me - AFV439 etc etc - seems to have been a catch all designation for any specialist comms wagon with Ptarmigan - be it Msg Centre, Radio Relay or Wavell - they were all the same when they were being dished out at 1 Div in 1985, despite them all being totally different! The staff wagons were referred to in some documentation I remember seeing as being ASV436 (Armoured Staff Vehicle)

OK, spotters head off now!!
Biffta112 said:
Its from 14 sigs, 245.
Not any bloody more it ain't, since Charlie Oscar binned what remained last year...

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