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Discussion in 'REME' started by commander, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi all
    I am finishing off 2 vols on the FV430 series for a well know publisher, first is the FV432 followed by the variants. To that end I am looking for some good high res shots of 434 in action, pack lifts, camed up, living on it etc.

    This is a genuine request, not a scam or press nosy. Still carry Mod 90 but now as ACF, most of my stuff is not good enough to be printed at 8x6. Previous books are Cionqueror and Chieftain. Fraid there is no filthy lucre I can offer apart from the fact you will get a credit on each photgraph used.

    Also useful would be any REME fitters 432 shots especially Telic.

    Fingers crossed.

  2. Commander, although infantry I worked close with the LAD for a number of years, I have a few photos of a pack lift and other of REME personnel in various situations. If interested I have two photos in the Photo section here, one is #3448 and the other is #14891, a before and after jobby on 432. :). Let me know if you want any, I will send you thumbnails and if you like them I can rescan to what you want.


    Opps, this was meant to be a PM, sorry lol
  3. commander - i will have a look through my photo collection from the good old days where i have a good few photos of my "Barra" in various locations and with different jobs on the go. Mostly taken when in C Sqn RHD/G LAD and C Sqn 15/19 LAD in good old detters. I will have to scan them, but should be able to do in in the next day or so.
    Happy with who you are as we have discussed other MBT related topics on the RAC forum in the past.
  4. The REME museum has probably got a few shots too - just a thought.
  5. Tiffy and The Sailor thanks for offers, Salior if you can send thumbnails will let you know.
    Nige have tried the Museum but it is a case of going to view and that is a long way for me at the present, although have used some ofv their stuff before so not ruling it out.

  6. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

  7. Commander - heres one for you. Home made winter cam scheme using white wash. The basket on the engine decks is clear on this one. We used to keep an awfull lot of kit in there like tool boxes and spares as it freed up the penthouse to live in. Also mounted on the front is the 430 power pack lifting frame and long slave lead. Mounted on the R/H/S at the back and just visible are some Chieftain long bins used to store our track bashing kit. The penthouse on this one had been winterised so that it could be pulled right over the front of the vehicle on a frame so that it helped break up the silouette, stop the penthouse lights being seen at night and also kept the heat in during cold spells.

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  8. Another winter Ex with C Sqn Blues & Royals around the Hameln area in the winter of 1985-86. A quick pit stop. If i remember right the electric starter had already failed and we had no new ones and then the Hyd starter failed after a rest stop in the village.

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  9. No 3. This one was during one of those big autumn Ex. The Red panels on the veh were to show it was one of the OPFOR vehs. The penthouse goalpost frame that was moved forward to the front of the vehicle when camming up is clearly visible on this photo and is in its stowed position.

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  10. No 4 - Pack lift for an engine fault. Good photo to show how much strain the lockouts were put under when lifting an engine.

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  11. Brings back memories. Hope the pic is attached.

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  12. That wasn't the ex where the temp dropped to -15 was it?
  13. No 5. Pack lift for a starter motor change. We had been working through the night and the penthouse canvas had been used to cover the whole veh in the dark and then just pulled back and laying on top of the penthouse in this one. The expense bins on the back R/H/S can be clearly seen in this photo. Also the boot can be clearly seen. Nice big space for keeping the battle pack in. Many a crewman tried to get into our penthouse through the boot, thinking it the same as a 432 rear door.
    Dependant on the scenario we either worked under cam nets and with red light or just pushed on with the job under white light and got the veh back on the road.

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  14. No 6. Not much of a photo, but the veh is cammed up with the canvas all the way to the front to break up the silouette. It worked well and made the veh look like a large block instead of a small wagon!!

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  15. the_butler It may well have been the one. We spent a lot of the time around Hameln in the hills.
    I remember one incident when the Sqn moved out of a hide one morning and just about every tank did not make a turn at the bottom of a steep hill and ended up wrecking a farmers orchard trying to get to the road.