FV433 Abbot nicknames

It got called many things..

I cannot recall ever being in an Abbot for more that two minutes without drawing blood...
I was given a shiney shell case by a very nice Abbot crew after I dug them in out in BATUS.
Only went and gave it to an ex-girlfriends parents.

Night time Battery fire missions are impressive, at both ends.
Never heard any of ours being called anything...except when the pack blew or it threw a track!
I ask because I saw a video on youtube of my Abbot at tankfest, where the narrator called it a scumbag???? (24mins in)
I ask because I saw a video on youtube of my Abbot at tankfest, where the narrator called it a scumbag???? (24mins in)
Well, if you want to take the word of some bearded tit in a Waffen SS uniform (who could not even pronounce most of the terms he was trying to use), then please feel free...

Glad to hear he got the bum's rush from the wargaming area; I would not let him on the site wearing that get up..

I have to say that although I can generally cope with most gamers and re-enactors, there are some who drift over the line into some quite serious self delusion, bordering on waltism...!
Done 10yrs on that gun, Never heard it called that! I called it many a thing over the years but I loved it. It was like a freezer in the winter until I managed to get a small heater for it. I also had double BV'S and a tv whilst dry trg.
Did the FV433 Abbot ever get called a 'scumbag'????
Not generally, unlike the narrator of that cringe-making video.

At various times individual vehicles guns may have attracted a full string of expletives, such as the detachment of the gun which threw both tracks in a night move across Hohne ranges in the pouring rain.

At one point a rather erudite FOO tried to name the FV432 OP vehicles after ancient warriors, to compete with the fancy names of the Hussar and Lancers tanks but "Tiglath-Pileser III" and "Ashubanipal" seemed a little overblown for a mess tin on tracks. Florence, Dougall and Mr Rusty seemed more appropriate.
My gunnery instructor neighbor and i both thought he was talking bollox too...

I reckon it's a great bit of kit (I'm biased - I bought it on ebay) and as a sprog, I remember seeing them in action at the Larkhill shows... "Watch the guns!...."

Alas I will never be able to fire mine, but a mate has one and an FAC for 105mm so he's looking for a live barrel and breech for his. Only allowed blanks of course.
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