Fv433 Abbot 07EB85

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by RichardInDorset, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. Anyone know anything about Abbot 07EB85?

    I have yet to check Bovy's records but will post what I find...
  2. Very shiny...the planks were always trying to improve the protection on their 43's with multiple layers of paint.
  3. Has a 105 mm gun firing a 35lb shell out to 17300m if I remember right from when I was an OP Ack. Very small inside as well.
  4. And more sharp pointy bits than a sharp pointy thing...

    I can't remember an Abbot encounter that did not draw blood at some point..
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  5. Always loved the sports headlights at the front
  6. An M109 was a palace by comparison
    155mm. 95lb shell. range 18000m. Just testing my memory any gunners out there want to correct me please do
  7. Yes it isn't exactly roomy inside even with just me in there and I couldn't imagine being in there when it's on the move cross-country...
  8. I don't need to - I bear the scars!

    The sports headlights worked though.. I can remember standing on a gun position in Otterburn in the 70s in the small hours with an Ac IG whilst a battery of Abbot came in on IR headlights. The AcIG had CUBs and could see what was happening, I needless to say, did not and could not..

  9. Here's the history record for 07EB85:

    d.i.s. 12/12/66
    775 21-8-72 4fd regt r/pty baor 24-8-72
    4fd regt baor autmy adp 6-10-72
    345 30-1-74 25fd reg ra baor 58 30-1-74
    11 12-1-77 vsd m/gladbach baor 4523 18-2-77
    1395 11-7-77 25fd regt ra baor 548 28-7-77
    209 5-5-81 o.d.a. baor 24 18-5-81
    0674 10-09-81 ord depot batus canada 048 24-11-81
    25 12-11-85 oda (eqpt ale) baor be215 21-2-86
    b5a001 21-2-86 23 base w/s repair a/c baor b5n001 21-2-86
    b5a00 17-11-86 ord dept antwerp (equip a/c) b6x001 17-11-86
    400125 17-11-86 batus veh br 0141 13-1-87
    0144 30-11-88 ord equip a/c 03 20-4-88
    b8a001 20-4-88 23 base wksp (pl. rep.) b8n001 20-4-88
    999 22-6-89 23 base wksp 999 22-6-89
    s/o auth 7541/1 854 28-6-89
  10. Hmm, so it went through 23 Base at Wetter for repair the year before it was cast, presumably to take out the dings from a two year stint at Suffield..

    Explains why it seems in reasonable nick.. although I suspect this is due to more recent attention..

    Ah.. 23 Base Workshop, Wetter.. the root cause of my lifetime addiction to Bahlsen Shoko Liebnitz..!
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  11. i know this is a bit old of a post, but richard where did you contact to find out your info? Im looking to buy a abbot and would like to track its history too,
  12. Abbott brings back memories, on the move they were cramped inside - like an oven in summer and a freezer in winter - we cuddled up on the cam net which was stored inside. We could handle that but...... if the BV (Boiling Vessel) was knackered it was misery.
  13. Those wer the days.......

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  14. I used to have 07eb11 its probably in some scrap yard now.

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  15. 23 or 24700m IIRC