FV432 with mine plough

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by commander, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi All

    looking for some photo help for my books on Fv432, I need some shots of the FV432 fitted with plough that went on Gulf 1. I understand that this was the radio control version in that it was remotely driven from another 43.

    I need good quality shots preferably by email, if you need to have prints then I will cover cost. Any used will be credited to owner.

    I am not press or walt or anything like that. Check RAC.REME board and ask for tiffy/massive, he will vouch for me.
  2. do you mean the "Barmine Layer" :?: :?: :?: :?:



  3. Don't remember ever seeing a 432 with a plough but stand corrected if there was. I seem to remember early january 91 the whole of 4 Brigade (might even have been the whole division ?) forming up prior to moving up country and a helecopter flying over taking photo's. MOD might have the archive photo which might show a 432 with a plough fitted??
  4. I never saw one either but I do stand correct though, only saw the big boy varients with one
  5. Remote control 43 with a plough? Are you sure you're not thinking of Robot Wars??
  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    haha how to beat the house robots!
  7. [​IMG]

    Sorry wrong thread!
  8. Know we got at least one pic at work will post it/them tomorrow
  9. No I am 100% sure, first I saw both vehicles at Ashchurch, but have lost negatives hence the request, second I have some shots taken at Al Jubyal after GW1 also some shots from old armoured engineer.force9 site. So yes it did exist.

    The the theory was as 43 is to soft against mines the plough would be fitted to the unmanned vehicle while the second followed at a safe distance controlling it via camera link and radio control.
  10. Reco
    Thanks for thta look forward to it. :D
  11. I believe there was one or two fitted with a scatterable mine plough crewed by 37 Fld Sqn Re whilst it was attached with32AER. I'll see if I've got some photos although I'm not 100% certain I've got any.
  12. For those who have never seen the FV432 plough here it is, (found 1 shot) missing in this view is the forward cmaera arm. Cameras located on all four faces, and spare parts for plough bolted to the side.

  13. from recollection it wasnt very good
  14. isn't that the one that has manifested itself into a version for the Warrior? I have seen pics of the GW1 version a while back....what you REALLY want to see is the Chieftain (Willich) AVRE fitted with the mahoosive mine rollers......cccoooorrrr!!! :twisted:
  15. unlike the plan to break through sand berms by using 165 shells - that worked really well ............. :oops:

    Those were the days - most of the Regt was as mad as a box of frogs.