FV432 Recovery at Sennybridge 09-10-05

Discussion in 'REME' started by ging-gwar, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. Download no existant, an empty page for me!
  2. Firefox my arrse, works fine in Internet Explorer. They did a good job, like the way they had fire extinguishers out as per the book. Dropped off a transporter?? Wonder how that happened?? Dodgy tillers??
  3. Pity there was no video of it getting there in the first place, but nice job.
  4. My oppos were on a green laning weekend in the brecon area and came across this 432 on Sunday morning - were just in time to see and record it been righted
  5. Great stuff, as author of the forthcoming book on FV430 very itrested in any FV 43 stuff
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Were they really recy-mechs? There did not seem to be many pie-eaters there! :twisted: :wink:

    Nice smooth job though.
  7. yeah...and check the guy out touching the winch rope WITHOUT gloves,general custer for the use of! recce mechs don't go near anything without those on...do they?lol
  8. Nice side to side. I spent 8 years tank transporting and have never seen an AFV fall off an army transporter, a civvy one however.......
  9. I tried to save that film to "My Documents" but it wouldnt work. Any ideas ?
  10. Play it in Mediaplayer, select 'File' and 'Save as'.... easy.

    If you can't play it in mediaplayer then just right click on the link and 'save link' with Firefox as or 'save file as' if you're daft enough to use Explorer.
  11. quick update - I was Interrogating my mate(in the pub) the low loaders were civvies who had parked on a slight incline. There were two 432s to collect, Because SENTA not having a Washdown point the 432s were quite muddy. The first 432 that drove on slipped partially off the trailer the driver been able to drive offf the back with one track on the trailer and one on the roadside however the second 432 dropped straight onto its side....

    A recce Mech commented to my mate 'these 432 drivers are just kids, I would not trust em to drive a shopping trolley let alone 17 tonnes of AFV!'
  12. Apart from the one on all the news channels when a CR2 fell off the auto levelling trailer behind an Oshkosh 10 mins before the presentation of the wonderful PFI to gen'rals and ministers. I suppose that was the civvies in FTRS to drive what you lot couldn't anymore.
  13. A nice piece of recovery, not too sure about the safety distances with taut winch lines though, great to see a fire extinguishers out, albeit on a diesel powered Mk 2