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Hi all visiting from the RAC forum with a quick question on names.

I am putting the finishing touches to 2 volumes on the FV430 series to hopefully be publisghed by a well know phot spread type publication.

The question is now that Bulldog has joined the 43 family how do the troops calll it. To us when seerving the 432 was always know as the "43" i.e. who is driving the 43? or park the 43 there. So does Buldog get called anything or still known as 43?
In my experience.

The ones who want to stay old school refer to it as a "43".

Some refer to it as "Bulldog", to show it is not a "43" in the truest sense, and therefore either the vehicle is better than the "43", or those who drove the old "43"s are better than those who have only learnt the "Bulldog".

IMHO the term "43" is still dominant.


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It actually was called Trojan for a while until the threat of court action by the Trojan company and also the WO discovering that Trojan was the name of the best selling condom :D
The Bulldog has had its name changed quite a few times by the do gooders, she started out as Power train, then FV432 Mk3, then Bulldog, now shes called Bulldog 2, 3, 4, etc depending on varient, up armour etc etc.

But at the end of the day she is affectiontley known as "43 skip"

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