FV 432 Upgrade

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by TheSpecialOne, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Am I right in hearing that instead of binning the obsolete 432 we are going to modernise it? Is it a joke, or are the MoD taking the pi55 again?
  2. I have heard this and it is planned to be a vast improvement to the mobility of the 43 we all loved in the 60s,70s,80s? 90? :lol:


  3. Is there any other vehicle as old as the 43 series still in service?
  4. Ye gods. Is the 432 still around?

    Heaven help the logistics guys, let alone those who still have to use them.

    Must be a nightmare.
  5. "Is there any other vehicle as old as the 43 series still in service? "

    Not sure about in the UK Army, but the Israelis have continually upgraded old Centurions, Shermans, M48s etc. with great success.
  6. And here it is!

  7. Going to replace SAXON in Mech Inf Bns. Eventually!
  8. its hard enough getting anyone qualified to drive/command/service them now, i expect the few we have will all need retraining to carry on doing their current jobs. I wonder how long before there are any spare parts in the system...
  9. get yourself down to the REME Wksp, pick up a copy of KIT! Magazine, it's all in there, and apparently it's rather good too.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Welcome to FRES!

  11. Another picture of the Gucciberg bit of kit.

  12. Can't see how the mortars are going to squeeze past the 30mm but I'm sure there must be a way :D
  13. ^ Is that reactive armour or Meccano?

  14. FV432 upgrade is for illustration purposes only.

    Actual contents may vary

    Your AFV fleet is at risk unless you keep up repayments.
  15. Its Rafael's lightweight reactive armour set-up.

    And a vertically-arranged BBQ grill.