FV 432 Upgrade

Am I right in hearing that instead of binning the obsolete 432 we are going to modernise it? Is it a joke, or are the MoD taking the pi55 again?
I have heard this and it is planned to be a vast improvement to the mobility of the 43 we all loved in the 60s,70s,80s? 90? :lol:


An armor upgrade for the British Army FV432 armored personnel carrier was developed by RAFAEL. While the Warrior has replaced it in the troop carrying role in the late 80s, many FV432 series vehicles remained in service operated as ambulances, command posts, mortar carriers and support vehicles. Recent extension of the FV432 service phase-out date from 2014 to 2020 required significant modernization of the vehicle. Modernization of 500 is currently planned, including automotive and protection improvements.
Is there any other vehicle as old as the 43 series still in service?
Ye gods. Is the 432 still around?

Heaven help the logistics guys, let alone those who still have to use them.

Must be a nightmare.
"Is there any other vehicle as old as the 43 series still in service? "

Not sure about in the UK Army, but the Israelis have continually upgraded old Centurions, Shermans, M48s etc. with great success.
its hard enough getting anyone qualified to drive/command/service them now, i expect the few we have will all need retraining to carry on doing their current jobs. I wonder how long before there are any spare parts in the system...
TheSpecialOne said:
Am I right in hearing that instead of binning the obsolete 432 we are going to modernise it? Is it a joke, or are the MoD taking the pi55 again?
get yourself down to the REME Wksp, pick up a copy of KIT! Magazine, it's all in there, and apparently it's rather good too.
Welcome to FRES!

Another picture of the Gucciberg bit of kit.

merkator said:
Another picture of the Gucciberg bit of kit.

FV432 upgrade is for illustration purposes only.

Actual contents may vary

Your AFV fleet is at risk unless you keep up repayments.
How do you keep the meat on and does the BV work? The important thing first.
I always thought the Mk2 diesel was a retrograde step; the exhaust never got hot enough to cook a tin of Irish stew all the way through and they kept falling off the side, however you wired them on! :lol: :lol:
In 75 we had diesel when we went back in 90 we had petrol. On the diesel you did not set fire to your cam nets but stunk of diesel, god I hate diesel.
It amazes me that modern AFV's that are tried & tested are not bought in favour of upgrading a dinasour. I remember my 432 driving Cadre in the mid 90's. The DS were telling everyone that as the 432 was a spectacular failure in Gulf 1 it was being replaced. The 432 couldn't keep up with the Warrior, so that meant that the Bn anti tank screen, mortar support & medical back-up lagged behind. The inf had to keep stopping to let their own assets catch up. That meant the Cav in fast Challengers had to wait for inf support. Even Arty in AS90's were in danger of overtaking the very units they were supposed to be supporting.

Our Bn was getting ready for Boz at a critical stage. Milan binned their 432's and got Warrior as it was determined that any push on Sarajevo would need the mobility and protection the Rifle coys had. I operated from many vehicles, but mainly the 432. It leaked like a sieve - and therefore had no NBC protection. Of four I used, two broke down and caused major problems. All four came into service in the late 60's-early 70's. For reliability I would have been better of with a 110 Rover.

I did notice that the Kiwis & Turks had upgraded 113's, but that was just add on armour and a cupola for the 50 cal. They were still very slow. The Kiwi's had "borrowed" theirs from the Aussies who had relegated them to Reserve units and home defence.

If we are to provide better mobility, firepower and protection then why didn't we go for the Mowag family of vehicles. Tried & tested, easier to maintain than tracked vehicles, and used by dozens of armies, very successfully. I saw Canadian operating from them and they had nothing but praise for them. I wonder how much the upgrade for 432's is compared to a new and sexy Mowag?

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