FV 432 Ambulance

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by tebagagap, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for a model of a FV 432 as a presentation item,

    Preferably be an Ambulance varient (1AFA Markings would be a dream)

    Doe anyone have any ideas or websites / suppliers that may be of use to me?


  2. You might have to buy and build one yourself. Try googling Accurate Armour. They are a company near Glasgow who specialise in resin models, but they are the 'kit' variant not the ready to display type.
  3. ring the AMS museum, they might have some
  4. Ring John Bull in Catterick they will get you one without a shadow of a doubt, might cost but they will be able to get you one.
  5. a life size model to put outside of the guardroom or something like a dinky toy?
    (either way I cant help you, sorry!)
  6. Have you tried 1CSMR PRI? I believe 1 AFA ended up as A Sqn (I stand to be corrected).
  7. i got a choclate 432 as a leaving gift from A Sqn 1 CS, got it from the PRI in munster.
  8. Must admit John Bulls is pretty good at getting hold of unusual items.
    Whilst attached to 34 I did the whip round for JQ before he went to Cyprus
    As the last one got (cant remember her name but she looks like Bella Emburg, blunderwoman of the Russ Abbott show)
    a pair of bloody shoes, so I asked what medic kit he had and after searching in the back out came chocolate soldier mit stretcher and red cross on arm.
    Looked smart too and he knocked a few quid of to help as well.
  9. edited due to being a mong and posting in wrong thread...
  10. Paint a small box green add afew red crosses and then for final effect write VOR on a small piece of paper and stick on. For embellishment you have a scale model of a highly trained medic straightfrom keogh scratching head and saying" i didnt sign up for this!"
  11. Thank you SOOOO much WhiteHorse for that link.

    I have been after a model of an AF V FV432 for more years than I care to remember and that Link has really made my day.

    Chuffed to bloody NAAFI breaks!

    Many thanks indeed!

    Regards and best wishes
  12. LOL, yup that sounds familiar :roll: