Fuzzy Wuzzys

Bloody hell, watched The Four Feathers for the first time today, what a bloody scary lot they are.

Still laughing at the officer commenting on how the Dervishes treat captured soldiers.

"They slice your nose off and string you up by your toes, bloody terrible business, money falling out of your pockets and all that"
So here's to you, Fuzzy Wuzzy
At your home in the Sudan
You're a poor, benighted Heathan
But a first-class fighting man!

Yes here's to you, Fuzzy-Wuzzy
With your barrack-head of hair
You big, black bounding bugger
For you broke a British Square!

Mr Kipling wrote exceedingly good poems!
The Alexander Korda version was said to be more accurate as to the type of uniforms that were worn during the Soudan Campaign. He also used actual fuzzy-wuzzys in the battle scenes that had taken part in the real battle 40 years before.

A more recent remake (2002) had the late Heath Ledger in the Harry Faversham role. It had beautiful photography, but was inaccurate in certain details of the soldiers' uniforms and kit.
From Wiki
He was accused of being anti-British by British tabloids, for the way he portrayed the British Army and the Empire in the 2002 movie The Four Feathers. This was heightened by the fact that during an interview for the DVD release of the Four Feathers, he spoke favorably of the fanatical religious leader depicted in the film (the Mahdi).
Back to the 39 version the Khalifa was played by a former member of the HAC. This fine Scottish actor was famous for "We're doomed, I tell ye!"
At a recent auction in Cardiff there was a Schnider Enfield carbine that had been used in the film for sale, with it was all kinds of documentation and other memorabilia relating to the film ,signed photos and such

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