FUW interrupt exercises in Wales


Mr_Fingerz said:

This is in from the BBC.

The Farmers Union of Wales are a bit miffed with the ban on hunting with dogs, and see making life a little more difficult for the army as a means of getting their points across.
About time they exercised their rights. Army can go anywhere as long as the govt is inconvenienced!
Sadly this is the only legal way these people can protest due to the Facist Left Party bringing in all the new terrorism laws which are then abused by their Gestapo (err... police forces). As they cannot even wear a shirt saying BLiar Out! without being arrested, nor telephone someone to tell them to ram their fascist ideas up their jacksie without facing a couple of years in prison (see the thread about the Surrey Police being useless fascists).

The problem with this protest is that the w@nkers in Labour HQ do not care. Liaborites attitude is "So the quality of SF training declines, so more SF die on operations, so what? They probably vote tory anyway."

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