Future upgrade to sidearms?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Manchester_Rogue, Jan 6, 2006.

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  1. If you could choose an ideal military sidearm (handgun), what would it be and why; also, if you could would you change the curent handgun calibre or stick it out with our trusty 9mm ?

    Anyone in the know who could enlighten me as to average effects/damage any given bullet in any given calibre could do to the human body ? I.e. differences between X vs Y etc? I really need some ammunition to shut up a bunch of yankee waltenkommandos in my local and their constant "my calibre is better than yours" debates. It's starting to really get on ma tits !
  2. It's .45 calibre. Do you rate that as being better than 9mm or not ?
  3. 307

    307 War Hero

    saw about 150+ rounds go through the USP in succesion without one stoppage, ideal range conditions mind but still.
  4. Sorry...you can get the pistol in different calibres..i used the 9mm. Although .40 is gaining popularity at the moment, depending what your trying to hit!
  5. Another excellent H&K weapon, although not pistol, is the G36....laser and optic sight, a lot easier to handle than SA80 and may seem strange..a lot less noisy, although thats probably down to ammo more than anything else.
    Nothing better than driving in the back of a G-Wagon, hanging out of it firing at targets less than 10m away....bit different from the usual "watch and shoot...watch and shoot"!!
  6. i know it'll sound walt-ish, but i'd love the FN Five-seveN.
    it is cumbersome, and would probably cause hell for infantry-types what with having a similar looking round to the SA80, but it make up for that in capabilities, not least of all it's armour-defeating abilities.

    not a chance of it happening tho. shame.
  7. 307

    307 War Hero

    Roger, the G36 is a dream to shoot, C5 did you find it had about as much recoil as a wet fart? So easy to shoot with, I must say I wasnt a fan of the HK33 or HK53 though.
  8. Yes...your right about the recoil, the guys who owned the G36's used our SA80's and they thought they were the bees-knees (!). But we all agreed on the laser sight. Takes some getting used to keep both eyes open to aim but it works. Uses the same sort of bolt as the SA80 as well.
  9. Side arm ? All you need is a pick axe handle. Thats what done me for "several" years guarding our most sensative military instalations. Honest Guv !!!!!

    Regards LT.
  10. my 2p not that you care would either be the FN Five-seveN especially if i was using a P90 as my personal weapon (they use the same rounds), other than that a Sig .375 calibre, a good mix of stopping power and penetration.

    (by the way these are just from a quick read around as i have never used a handgun)
  11. .357 sig is a con.

    It's basically a .40 case necked down to accept a 9mm bullet. Any hotly overloaded 9mm (2z anybody ?) could match it in terms of velocity.
  12. Webley MkVI in .455...... when you've felled the first six, you've still got enough metal in your hand to biff any others....
  13. The SIG P229 would be a good choice as the weapon is warranted to 20,000 rounds, as well as being made of metal. Although plastic framed stuff like the Glock and the USP do work well, I would worry about my fingers in the unlikely event of a catastrophic case failure, e.g. Glock Kaboom FAQ

    Military weapons should have better penetration than those used by police, as an enemy soldier might be wearing thick webbing containing magazines, or indeed have military body armour. Although 9mm isn't bad in this regard, none of the usual pistol calibres will defeat body armour, even the 0.45 ACP used by your yankee waltenkommandos.

    One option might be the new Russian pistol round. Although this is based on the 9x19mm, it has a new high pressure loading with a steel core AP bullet, designed to punch right through Russian titanium faced body armour. A SIG P229 chambered for this round might be a good choice.

    As others have mentioned, the Five-SeveN pistol in 5.7mm calibre and H&K the P46 in 4.6mm might also be worthy of consideration, even if the frames are made of plastic. These rounds are also designed to penetrate Russian titanium faced body armour and then the bullet inverts, leaving a big hole in the squishy bits. The pistols are also about a quarter of a kilo lighter than the GP and hold 20 rounds. That’s probably an important consideration for an infantryman, where every gram of weight saved is very welcome.

    Have a look here.
  14. The box of truth!

    interesting for weapons effects and for wishing i too had a range in the back garden like his