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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 99richmo, Sep 7, 2004.

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  1. what is happening with the armys uniform. I have heard that we are getting barrack dress, lightweights etc.
    Is there any truth in these rumours?

    Personally i think lightweights are a good idea because they are reasonably smart, comfortable, practical and durable.

    what are your thoughts?
  2. Do some officers wear combat '95 uniform in the mess and if they're not actually going outside or is that just a bit of myth I've been exposed to?

  3. CIG lad, what the feck do you think they wear? 8O
  4. No, only about 99.99% of them. The rest of them wear red cords which are too short, pink socks and brown brogues.
  5. Well, if they're not in combat and not even going outdoors then why use kit designed to fight in?

    Sorry. I thought they wore a different order of dress, No2...is that it? The one which is with shirt and tie.

    Something with shoes rather than boots?

  6. Pink socks? 8O
  7. Yes C-I-G, pink socks. Goes nicely with their pink, lacy knickers :D
  8. Right.

    If so many wear combats (aren't they deemed "innapropriate dress"?) as do so then why the existence of so many other orders of dress. Especially the Scots I hear...

    I remember some comments where people on Arrse expressed a pride in the fact that our No2's, mess dress and full dress unifroms are "proper" as opposed to the alleged nylon-ness (Again, maybe they were joking and I didn't get it.) of the American uniforms.

    Do officers like C95, is it more comfortable...is comfort always good...and, returning to first post...

    ...do the soldiers like the idea of barrack dress or lightweights? Would it be beneficial and is it approaching?

  9. I think faced with the pink'n'frillies I would certainly have to side with the 99.99% even if I've not yet learned why C95 is worn for indoor use.

  10. Do we heck as like! Barracks(Trousers Non-Ferocious) and lightweights are utter shoite and should stay where they belong - in the bottom of my sausage bag in the darkest recesses of my loft. CS95 is the way forward and the way that it "irons" itself whilst in the tumble drier is nothing short of miraculous.
  11. Big difference between mess dinners and the mess - i.e. in the mess you wear C95's, at a mess dinner you wear your mess dress. You don't turn up in your No.2/Mess dress just to go for a pint and banter, unless you plan to be the target of said banter.
  12. Thanks monkey. Sorted.

    The "ties and collar" rule for the mess (in general, excluding a mess dinner) isn't actually in place then. Or hasn't been, for a bloody long time.

  13. No, C95 rates higher that 'collar and tie', but if you wear civvies in the mess the norm is collar, trousers and no trainers - but it depends on the mess, some have got pretty slack.
  14. To clarify:

    During working hours, one only tends to go into the mess for Lunch, when obviously, C95 is the order of the day, unless you havn't been doing warry stuff, in which case working/barrack dress - no point getting changed just for lunch!

    In the evenings, dress code is normally suits/jacket and tie for dinner, obviously except for the orderly officer which is blues.

    Weekends are just smart casual, no ties required etc.

    In the last twelve months I have had one occasion to wear mess kit.

    I do however speak for one of the more traditional regiments, ones which are less so (mentioning no names - cashbars you know who you are!!) are more lax generally
  15. Secret-Squirrel.

    Were you in VCB per chance?